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3 Sep 2020

Financial Markets

The Baht fell, while the SET dropped on profit-taking before long holidays

                The SET dropped over-week, ending at 1,311.95 points, down 0.86% over-week. The average daily trading value was THB49,165.00 million, down 8.59% over-week. The mai closed at 312.95 points, up 0.70% over-week.
                ​The SET increased early in the week on sell-offs of foreign investors especially in banking and energy sectors, due to the rebalancing of MSCI index that came into effect on 31 August (Thailand's weighting in the MSCI index were dropped) and concerns toward domestic political stability, before surging around midweek on the additional stimulus packages, especially the program to boost spending. However, the SET pared gains somewhat at the end of the week amid caution before long holidays while closely monitoring the situation between the US and China as well as domestic political issues.  ​

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Financial Markets