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วัคซีน ฉีดแล้ว ลดโอกาสป่วยและเสียชีวิต แต่อย่าการ์ดตก นะ
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18 Apr 2022

International Economy

China’s economy grew 4.8% YoY in 1Q22 (Business Brief No.3969)

China’s economy grew 4.8 percent YoY and 1.3 percent QoQ in the first quarter of 2022 amid pressing issues. Details concerning China’s economic growth in 1Q22 are as follows...Read more

8 Apr 2022

Thai Economy

Songkran 2022: Price promotion campaigns and changes in behavior limits growth of tourism spending (Current Issue No.3321)

Every year, the Songkran festival is a time when Thais return to their home provinces to celebrate the Thai New Year with their families, while others go on day trips or overnight stays....Read more



7 Apr 2022


Solar rooftops in business sector set to grow over 54% in 2022, supported by rising electricity costs (Current Issue No.3320)

Amid rising electricity costs, driven by elevated fossil fuel prices as a result of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, bright prospects are being seen in solar rooftop investment in the business sector as entrepreneurs have to save on electricity costs while also responding to the clean energy trend even as the costs of solar rooftop panels are trending higher due to the shortage of raw materials for their production globally....Read more

1 Apr 2022


Sales of Chinese BEVs set to exceed 10,000 units in 2022 amid gloomy domestic car market (Current Issue No.3319)

New supportive measures introduced by the government have substantially helped bolster the Thai BEV market. Intense competition has quickly been seen in the BEV market as Chinese carmakers capitalized on the timing, when mainstream carmakers were unprepared, to seize their share of the BEV market via a number of strengths, namely product selection for market penetration and setting up of attractive prices to induce more buyers. ...Read more

28 Mar 2022


Russia-Ukraine Crisis to Push Production Costs in Thai Industrial Sector Higher by at least THB80 Billion (Current Issue No.3315)

The Thai industrial sector, which is heavily dependent on raw material imports, is set to experience higher production costs as global raw material prices are projected to stay at elevated levels during most of the remainder of 2022 if the Russia-Ukraine war is prolonged and sanctions against Russia are still in place. We, at KResearch, ...Read more



17 Jun 2022

Financial Institutions

Outlook for Used Car Loans 2022: Opportunity to grow on account of pricing, while rising sales volume limited by a decline in car auctions (Business Brief No.3975)

KResearch assesses that used car loans in the commercial banking system in 2022 are projected to rise to 5-7 percent of total used car loans, approximately THB 300 billion, thanks to the pricing factor as reflected by the Used Vehicle Price Index (UVPI) and intense competition among commercial banks to expand high yield loan portfolios. Meanwhile, the sales volume of used cars this year is expected to grow 3-5 percent, or approximately 600,000-700,000 units, due to a smaller supply of cars entering the market, in line with a decline in car auctions in the financial institution system....Read more