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3 Feb 2021

International Economy

Myanmar’ s Economy Projected to Contract 2.5-0.5% and Thailand-Myanmar Border Trade Set to Shrink for Fifth Consecutive year after Army Seize Power from the Government (Current Issue No.3186)

More dynamic relationships between Myanmar and Western powers were imperative in the development of Myanmar’s economy over the past decade. As a result, it has reported relatively impressive economic growth on the back of increased foreign investment, thus helping bolster its exports and allowing Myanmar to make a transition from an agricultural society to an industrial one. Additionally, there has been massive employment generation and a significant increase in consumer purchasing power in Myanmar. ...Read more

2 Feb 2021

Thai Economy

Chinese New Year 2021: Bangkokians’ spending to shrink 10.4%; COVID-19 scare prompts more consumers to shop online (Current Issue No.3185)

While the Thai government relaxed its COVID-19-related measures in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area on February 1, 2021, and has announced a special holiday in February ( a three-day weekend), the COVID-19 situation has yet to be brought fully under control. Consumers’ purchasing power has long been affected by the pandemic and continues to be low as in the preceding year. Hence, spending during the 2021 Chinese New Year is expected to remain subdued, with consumers likely to be more sparing in their purchases when compared to the past few years. Based on KResearch’s findings, Bangkok residents plan to reduce spending in all activities, with certain activities like travel/merit making or giving cash gifts to be cancelled for this year. ...Read more

25 Jan 2021

International Economy

FOMC Meeting, January 26-27, 2021: Fed expected to keep its monetary policy unchanged in anticipation of $1.9 trillion (Business Brief No.3909)

KResearch projects that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will keep the US policy rate within the range of 0.00-0.25 percent, without announcing any additional monetary easing tools, at the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting to be held on January 26-27, 2021. While the Fed is expected to signal further easing of monetary policy, it will still emphasize the necessity of expediting issuance of fiscal measures under the new US government headed by President Joe Biden. Both monetary and fiscal measures will be instrumental towards limiting risks and supporting the recovery of the US economy over the upcoming period....Read more



18 Feb 2021


Wider Generation Gap Prompts Businesses to Place More Emphasis on Specific Needs of Consumers (Current Issue No.3190)

The economic recovery of Thailand’s trading partners should see further improvement from the previous year as they continue to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many countries still rely on importing goods from Thailand, especially IT products, which have steadily displayed signs of accelerated growth in line with global trends. This factor has propelled cross-border exports to third countries (China, Vietnam and Singapore) or transit trade to the forefront....Read more

17 Feb 2021


Myanmar politics present high risk to auto production over the long term; faltering demand could see Thailand’s car exports to Myanmar grow by only 2% in 2021 (Current Issue No.3189)

Following the coup d’ètat in Myanmar, investors’ concerns towards the unrest and upcoming government actions have intensified. The automotive industry has already dealt with frequent changes in policy and regulations over the past few years. From KResearch’s viewpoint, Myanmar was until recently an interesting market for investment in its auto production, ...Read more

27 Jan 2021


Non-alcoholic beverage market projected to reach THB 200 billion in 2021; functional and specialty beverages outperform the market (Current Issue No.3182)

The COVID-19 situation, both domestic and international, continues to be fraught with uncertainty as purchasing power comes under pressure and consumers tend to spend more cautiously. Moreover, the COVID-19 prevention and control measures in Thailand include restrictions regarding on-premise dining at restaurants in certain areas. As a result, growth for the non-alcoholic beverage market in 2021 is unlikely to be on par with its growth during 2018-2019 (pre-pandemic period)...Read more



22 Feb 2021

Financial Markets

The Baht weakened while the SET dropped on sell-offs by domestic institutional and foreign investors

The Baht weakened but later rebounded later in the week. The Baht moved in a tight range before weakened later due to the strengthening greenback on the rising US bond yields amid signs of the US economic recovery. However, the Baht pared losses later in the week, while the US dollar fell on a weaker-than-expected US weekly jobless claims report. ...Read more

11 Feb 2021

Financial Markets

The Baht strengthened while the SET rose above 1,500 points despite the sell-offs before long weekend

The Baht strengthened against the US dollar. The Baht’s gains were in line with other regional currencies and risky assets amid hopes for the US stimulus measures. In addition, the US dollar fell on the Fed Chair’s remarks on easing monetary policy stance, the falling US Treasury bond yields, and the US CPI data, indicating a low inflationary pressure. ...Read more

11 Feb 2021

Financial Institutions

Can QE Help Sustain Thai Economic Recovery? (Current Issue No.3187)

Quantitative easing (QE) is a form of unconventional monetary policy, which is typically used by central banks of major countries, including several nations in Asia, in helping address their economic woes after having to cut their policy rates to near zero percent. The details and size of asset purchase program under QE vary depending on the nature and context of the financial and economic systems of a country....Read more