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Industry Outlook Analysis

7 Apr 2023


Supply chain restructuring … Increasing costs while pressuring margins among electronics businesses (Current Issue No.3399 Full Ed.)

Supply chain restructuring … Increasing costs while pressuring margins among electronics businesses... Read more

27 Mar 2023


Non-alcoholic beverage market, 2023: Growing in line with marketing and advertising drives (Current Issue No.3394)

Non-alcoholic beverage market, 2023: Growing in line with marketing and advertising drives... Read more

1 Mar 2023


Domestic BEV sales set to reach 50,000 units in 2023 (Current Issue No.3384)

Domestic BEV sales set to reach 50,000 units in 2023... Read more

30 Dec 2022


Sales of PHEVs and BEVs in Thailand projected to reach 300,000 units by 2025 Despite increased demand for electric charging, there are investment risks in public charging points (Current Issue No.3379)

Thailand is transitioning towards a green vehicle society. KResearch is of the view that domestic sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) may reach 300,000 units by 2025, suggesting that the demand for electric charging in the country will substantially... Read more

19 Dec 2022


Thai sugar exports projected to grow only 1-5% in 2023 due to numerous challenges (Current Issue No.3372)

Sugar is one of the products that will likely help boost Thai food and beverage exports during 2022 and through to 2023, thanks to the elevated global sugar prices and recovery in domestic sugar output. Additionally, its demand remains intact as COVID-19 in many countries has begun to ease and due t... Read more

18 Nov 2022


Trend of eco-friendly plastics pressures Thailand’s plastic resin industry…Operators accelerate their adjustments but still face multiple challenges (Current Issue No.3363)

Amid the global green trends, many countries have imposed environmental measures and have increasingly started to use eco-friendly plastics (recycled plastics / bioplastics) to replace fossil-based plastics. Such actions have affected Thailand’s plastic resin industry, which still relies mainly on s... Read more

30 Aug 2022


Exporters urged to pay close attention to the US Clean Competition Act and carbon taxes (Current Issue No.3341)

วุฒิสภาของสหรัฐได้เสนอร่างกฎหมาย Clean Competition Act ซึ่งประกอบด้วยมาตรการกำหนดการกลไกราคาคาร์บอน (Carbon Pricing) สำหรับสินค้าที่ผลิตในประเทศ และมาตรการปรับราคาคาร์บอนก่อนข้ามพรมแดน (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: US-CBAM) สำหรับสินค้านำเข้า โดยกลุ่มอุตสาหกรรมเป้าหมาย ได้แก่ ผลิตและกลั่นปิโต... Read more

29 Aug 2022


Labour-intensive industries: Profits projected to decline by 5-15 percent due to minimum wage hike (Current Issue No.3340)

KResearch views that an increase in the average daily minimum wage by 5 percent starting October 1, 2022 will affect industrial costs in the last quarter of this year and into next year. This may lead to an average cost increase of around 0.5 percent and a decrease in operating profit by an average ... Read more

27 Jul 2022


Results of behavioral survey and consumers’ views on problems related to environmental sustainability and their tendency towards ESG investment (Current Issue No.3337)

Results of behavioral survey and consumers’ views on problems related to environmental sustainability and their tendency towards ESG investment (Current Issue No.3337)... Read more

22 Jul 2022


BEV market attractive to potential players with readiness in the short term, though challenges remain in the long term due to ongoing industry developments (Current Issue No.3334)

Presently, competition in the domestic car market, particularly the BEV market, has changed significantly. Thailand has undertaken greater efforts of investment to retain its domestic automotive industry by providing extensive support from this year through to 2025. ... Read more

7 Apr 2022


Solar rooftops in business sector set to grow over 54% in 2022, supported by rising electricity costs (Current Issue No.3320)

Amid rising electricity costs, driven by elevated fossil fuel prices as a result of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, bright prospects are being seen in solar rooftop investment in the business sector as entrepreneurs have to save on electricity costs while also responding to the clean energy trend even as... Read more

1 Apr 2022


Sales of Chinese BEVs set to exceed 10,000 units in 2022 amid gloomy domestic car market (Current Issue No.3319)

New supportive measures introduced by the government have substantially helped bolster the Thai BEV market. Intense competition has quickly been seen in the BEV market as Chinese carmakers capitalized on the timing, when mainstream carmakers were unprepared, to seize their share of the BEV market vi... Read more

28 Mar 2022


Russia-Ukraine Crisis to Push Production Costs in Thai Industrial Sector Higher by at least THB80 Billion (Current Issue No.3315)

The Thai industrial sector, which is heavily dependent on raw material imports, is set to experience higher production costs as global raw material prices are projected to stay at elevated levels during most of the remainder of 2022 if the Russia-Ukraine war is prolonged and sanctions against Russ... Read more

17 Mar 2022


Domestic F&B Spending, 2022: Growing 1.9-2.7% in line with Their Price Increases (Current Issue No.3312)

KResearch expects that food and beverage (F&B) spending in the country during 2022 will reach THB2.57-2.59 trillion, an increase of 1.9-2.7 percent, against the 2.5 percent growth reported for 2021. The increase will be supported by a 3.1 percent rise in their prices in line with elevated processing... Read more

31 Jan 2022


Pharmaceutical Industry, 2022: Growing 3-5% Despite Improved COVID-19 Situation (Current Issue No.3304)

KResearch is of the view that despite improving signs seen in the COVID-19 situation, which may cause demand for related medicines to decline from the preceding year, existing local patients and some segments of international patients, who have common diseases, are expected to gradually resume medic... Read more

30 Dec 2021


Thailand’s BEV measures may boost sales to 25,000 units in 2025, though lack of electric vehicle charging points still presents major obstacle to greater adoption (Current Issue No.3297)

The government will soon announce measures to boost domestic demand for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), with the aim of maintaining their prices at a level closer to those of petrol-driven cars. KResearch views that car manufacturers who would benefit from the initiatives may be limited to those e... Read more

23 Dec 2021


Metaverse: Applications in the manufacturing industry to increase supply chain efficiency (Current Issue No.3294)

In recent times, the concept of the ‘metaverse’ has been attracting more attention worldwide. Operators planning to utilize the metaverse in their businesses are primarily focused on seeking new forms of business opportunities in the consumer market, whether it is a new retail sales channel that cre... Read more

30 Nov 2021


Thai Pet Food Exports Projected to Grow 20% in 2022, but Accelerated Branding to Tap Premium Segment Needed (Current Issue No.3287)

KResearch is of the view that Thai pet food exports will continue to enjoy bright prospects ahead. For 2022, we expect that the value of Thai pet food shipments will reach roughly USD2.4 billion, an increase of 20 percent, which would be a slight decline from the 23 percent growth projected for 2021... Read more

18 Nov 2021


Thai motorcycle market remains stagnant with projected growth of merely 1% in 2021... electric motorcycles see expansion with entry of new operators though they may face difficulties (Current Issue No.3286)

This year, Thailand’s motorcycle market has been seriously affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, diminishing consumers’ purchasing power. As the principal buyers, grassroots customers have been particularly affected. For the entirety of 2021, KResearch projects that total motorcycle sales may be aroun... Read more

7 Oct 2021


Covid-19 Temporarily Bolsters Thai Preowned Car Prices ... Eyeing Online Used Car Platform Startups (Current Issue No.3276)

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has affected new car production and sales, it has created two new developments in the second-hand car markets, both at home and abroad: 1) rising prices of used cars, and 2) the use of online channels for buying and selling preowned vehicles. However, prices of used ca... Read more

6 Oct 2021


Thailand’s smart factory solutions market… set to grow over 10 percent in 2021, amid gradual economic recovery (Current Issue No.3275)

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, smart factory solutions (SFS) service has tended to grow at an accelerated pace, as opposed to the gradual growth seen during the pre-pandemic period. This has been boosted by demand from large companies forced to make adjustments to lessen their dependence on manua... Read more

13 Sep 2021


Mooncake Market, 2021: Turnover Set to Shrink 5.7% as Consumer Purchasing Power Remains Weak (Current Issue No.3267)

The Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on September 21, 2021, presents another challenging year for the mooncake business due to the protracted COVID-19 pandemic, which is much worse than the previous year. As a result, consumer purchasing power remains weak, and this may affect the decision to purcha... Read more