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Unless otherwise stated, all information which is arranged by KASIKORN RESEARCH CENTER Co., Ltd. (“KResearch”) and appearing on this website or other online media is for public release, and based on public information that has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. The information contained herein may be subject to change at any time. KResearch does not warrant its accuracy, reliability, appropriateness, completeness or recentness. Nothing in this research paper shall be counted as containing any persuasion, recommendation, advice, or motivation for decision-making in any circumstance. Users should carefully study related information and apply their own discretion before making any decision. KResearch shall not be responsible for any damage occurring from the use of said information.

Said information is the property of KResearch and/or a third party (as the case may be). The use of said information, either wholly or partly, must include content showing the ownership right of KResearch and/or the third party (as the case may be), or include a reference to its source. Users shall not copy, change, modify, revise, forward or release the information, or take any action for commercial purpose, without prior written approval from KResearch and/or the third party (as the case may be).