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Industry Outlook Analysis

2 Sep 2020


Precipitation and Rice Output need to be Monitored in 1-2 Months (Current Issue No.3132)

We, at KResearch, are of the view that ongoing flooding in many of the northern and northeastern provinces of Thailand may not significantly affect the overall agricultural output, especially rice grown during the rainy season, because the rice harvesting season has yet to arrive. This coupled with ... Read more

24 Jul 2020


Gluten-free Flour Should be Promoted as Product Champion to Add Value to Cassava by over 8.2 Times in 2027 (Current Issue No.3126)

Gluten-free flour can be promoted as a product campaign via cassava processing, based on a new knowledge like bioeconomy. Bioeconomy is a new model for the economy, with the aim of adding value to agricultural products. As Thailand has a plentiful supply of cassava, processing cassava into various ... Read more

28 May 2020


Price of agricultural products in 2H20 facing worse outlook due to supply-related pressure and COVID-19 impact (Current Issue No.3114)

KResearch expects that prices of Thai agricultural products in 1H20 will continue to sustain themselves as they contend with negative factors like a severe seasonal drought (between January and April) which caused extensive damage to farm output – particularly rice, cassava and sugarcane, and the on... Read more

15 May 2020


Average shrimp prices for 2H20 expected to experience a low rate of recovery, supported by price stabilization program and reduced excess supply (Current Issue No.3109)

Oversupply is the key factor in the falling price of shrimp since early 2020, as output has far exceeded demand. Related government agencies have prepared for the approval of assistance measures for related parties within the production chain through the 2020 Shrimp Price Stabilization Program. KRes... Read more

5 May 2020


COVID-19 Causes New Normal of Rubber Prices...Thailand Must Adjust to Era of Prolonged Low Rubber Prices (Current Issue No.3106)

KResearch assesses that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2020 will be a short-term factor causing the rubber price structure to change over the long term. This represents an important turning point that will result in a new normal of rubber prices, i.e., rubber prices will likely move within a... Read more

3 Apr 2020


COVID-19 Bolsters Demand and Retail Egg Prices During Most of 2020 (Current Issue No.3095)

Chicken eggs are low-cost source of protein. However, as demand for eggs has soared amid fears over the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been in short supply in several areas. As a result, egg prices skyrocketed during March 2020, triggering concern among consumers. To help alleviate such as an impact o... Read more

1 Apr 2020


Thai rice exports for 2020 slip further… Developing soft white rice into a ‘Fighting Product’ (Current Issue No.3094)

Thai rice exports for 2020 may face the same negative conditions that continue to plague all aspects of trade from the previous year, whether it is a highly competitive global market, world economic problems, depreciation of the Baht, drought, the change in China’s role from importer to exporter, or... Read more

27 Mar 2020


Despite the COVID-19 crisis, exports of fresh, chilled and frozen chicken to China are expected to grow up to 20 percent in 2020 (Current Issue No.3092)

Fresh, chilled and frozen chicken are commodities that Thailand can still make good profit from in China, even though closures of key Chinese trade ports to control the spread of COVID-19 from post-Chinese New Year to mid-February 2020 led to some delays and suspension of shipments of fresh, chilled... Read more

24 Feb 2020


2020 Thai Fruit Exports May Shrink on COVID-19 while NTMs Present Long-Term Challenge (Current Issue No.3087)

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has forced China to close its key border checkpoints and extend the Lunar New Year holidays to February. In addition, cross-border land transportation routes from Vietnam to China have contemporarily been suspended to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak, prompting... Read more

17 Jan 2020


Drought Crisis Likely in 2020…Initial Economic Costs Estimated at about THB17-19 Billion (Current Issue No.3074)

Drought has arrived earlier than the previous year in 2020 and it is expected to be prolonged because water levels at dams across the country have declined 33.1 percent YoY. Such water levels are more critical than those seen during the severe drought reported in 2015.... Read more

26 Dec 2019


2020 Thai agricultural direction…will be driven by the government’s policy (Current Issue No.3065)

The outlook of Thai agricultural products in 2020 will continue to be under pressure from drought and the global economic slowdown. Thailand may face severe drought conditions, which will continue from 2019. As of December 25, 2019, the amount of usable water in the dams nationwide stood at 21,197 ... Read more

24 Oct 2019


Traceability in Agricultural Products to Bolster Thai Organic Product Market (Current Issue No.3045)

The agricultural traceability system serves as an important tool to link production data in each supply chain. The increasing role of modern agricultural technologies will support the adoption of traceability in the entire production process. ... Read more

13 Sep 2019


Income Guarantee for Rice, Rubber and Oil Palm Farmers to Bolster 2019 Farm Income Growth to 3.5-3.8% (Current Issue No.3031)

As part of the efforts to lift farm income, the government has a policy of guaranteeing income for farmers growing important crops: i.e., rice, rubber, oil palm, sugarcane, cassava and maize, during 4Q19. The Cabinet, August 27, 2019, approved the income guarantee program for rice farmers for the fi... Read more

28 Aug 2019


Supply shortage pushes glutinous rice prices up and it is expected to increase expenditures on food by 2.3-3.2% (Current Issue No.3027)

Domestic prices of glutinous rice rose sharply due to a supply shortage of glutinous paddy during the main crop season 2018/2019 as farmers shifted to grow more Hom Mali fragrant rice. Therefore, the main-crop glutinous rice output fell 1.18 percent YoY. Moreover, the widespread drought, resulting i... Read more

23 Jul 2019


Off-season drought in 2019 hits output of main season rice crop…damaging over THB15 billion (Current Issue No.3011)

The off-season drought situation in 2019 (May-July 2019) has caused extensive damage. The influence of a mild El Nino condition has resulted in lower than normal rainfall. The amount of water in the dams remains low, adversely affecting main agricultural products such as in-season rice that farmer... Read more

22 Jul 2019


Cassava mosaic virus may not damage output in 2019...but still poses challenges for the government to manage (Current Issue No.3010)

Regarding the ongoing cassava mosaic virus epidemic, KResearch views that in 2019 the cassava mosaic virus epidemic may not damage the overall cassava output for this year because normally a small amount of cassava will enter the market in the second half of the year. The cassava price in 2H19 is li... Read more