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Industry Outlook Analysis

24 Jan 2023


Thai exports grew 5.5% in 2022 while 2023 shipments projected to shrink at 0.5% despite China’s reopening (Business Brief No.3989)

Economic slowdown in Thailand’s trade partners during 2H22 and the high 2021 base caused Thailand’s outward trade in December 2022 to contract sharply for the third consecutive month at 14.6 percent YoY, equivalent to USD21,718.8 million. As a result, Thailand’s overall 2022 export growth stood at o... Read more

7 Dec 2022


First anniversary of China-Lao PDR railway offers another export channel via Thailand’s borders to promising areas in China (Current Issue No.3369)

First anniversary of China-Lao PDR railway offers another export channel via Thailand’s borders to promising areas in China ... Read more

27 Apr 2022


Things exporters should know about the EU CBAM (Current Issue No.3322)

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is one of the key elements of the ‘Fit for 55’ package under the European Green Deal, which sets out a clear path towards realizing the EU’s target of a 55 percent reduction in carbon emissions compared to 1990 levels by 2030 and to become a net-zero co... Read more

24 Mar 2022


Impact of Key Trade Partners’ Climate Change Measures on Thai Exports (Current Issue No.3314)

China, the US and European Union (EU), which are Thailand’s key trade partners, have announced their net-zero commitments while also implementing various environmental measures to achieve these targets, as follows:... Read more

26 Oct 2021


Thai Exports, September 2021: Surged 17.1% as COVID-19 Situations in Many Countries Began to Improve (Current Issue No.3955)

In September 2021, Thai exports soared 17.1 percent, against the 8.9 percent reported for August 2021, supported by several factors. These include improving COVID-19 situations and economic conditions in many countries, thanks to their higher inoculation rates, plus the depreciating Baht. Additional... Read more

27 Sep 2021


COVID-19 Pandemic Dented Thailand’s August Export Growth to 8.93%, but 2021 Shipments Set to Grow at 12.4% (Business Brief No.3952)

In August 2021, the COVID-19 situation in many Asian countries became much worse due to the highly contagious Delta variant. As a result, their economic activity and manufacturing sectors were adversely affected, thus pressuring their export performances. Thailand’s exports were not spared by that i... Read more

23 Aug 2021


Export growth reaches 11-year high in July 2021… Full-year growth projected at 12.4 percent (Business Brief No.3947)

In July 2021, Thai exports maintained strong growth at 20.27 percent YoY, the highest level in 11 years and higher than the market forecast of 19.7 percent YoY. Export growth during the first seven months of 2021 was equal to 16.2 percent, ... Read more

23 Jul 2021


Global demand boosts exports across Asia in 1H21, with Thai exports boasting strong growth of 15.53 percent YoY; yet recovery remains below that of regional rivals (Business Brief No.3940)

In June 2021, Thai exports hit its highest level in 11 years with robust growth of 43.82 percent YoY, above market expectations of 38.1-percent growth. While Thai exports in 1H21 grew 15.53 percent YoY, the level was not high in comparison to the export growth of regional rivals, which generally gre... Read more

24 Jun 2021


Thai exports in May 2021 reach an 11-year high at 41.59%; full-year 2021 growth forecast at 9.0% (Business Brief No.3935)

Thai exports in May 2021 reached an 11-year high with growth of 41.59 percent YoY. Excluding oil-related products, gold, weaponry and military supplies, May’s overall exports grew 45.87 percent YoY. For the first five months of 2021, exports rose 10.78 percent YoY. However, export growth during this... Read more