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Industry Outlook Analysis

26 Apr 2021


Third COVID-19 wave inhibits growth in domestic spending on food and beverages, likely to rise 0.5% in 2021 if crisis is resolved within 3 months (Current Issue No.3212)

The impact of the third COVID-19 wave is set to hinder consumer spending on food and beverages for 2021. As a result, businesses in this sector will continue to face difficulties in raising sales throughout the year. KResearch assessed that under a base-case scenario which sees the outbreak containe... Read more

18 Feb 2021


Wider Generation Gap Prompts Businesses to Place More Emphasis on Specific Needs of Consumers (Current Issue No.3190)

The economic recovery of Thailand’s trading partners should see further improvement from the previous year as they continue to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many countries still rely on importing goods from Thailand, especially IT products, which have steadily displayed signs of accelerated growt... Read more

25 Dec 2020


Restaurants 2021: High risks and challenges remain amid fragile growth; investors advised to maintain caution (Current Issue No.3175)

KResearch views that the business environment for restaurants in 2021 is still fraught with risks as in the preceding year, as a new wave of local COVID-19 transmission, fierce competition among businesses and the yet-to-recover purchasing power will affect any recovery of restaurants in 2021 to var... Read more

9 Dec 2020


Private hospitals 2021: Revenue to recover amid challenges and heightened competition (Current Issue No.3167)

Under the assumptions of no second wave of local COVID-19 outbreak, the government’s gradual easing of travel restrictions to allow for more international travelers and no escalation of domestic political situation, KResearch projects that the revenue and profit of listed private hospitals will make... Read more

26 Oct 2020


Global Supply Chain Management Shifts to Just-in-Case System to Cope with Uncertainties Surrounding Global Supply Chain Disruption (Current Issue No.3151)

As global supply chains have been stalled by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, industrial sectors around the world are now aware of the weaknesses arising from the just-in-time inventory management strategy. Amid increased risks stemming from the resurgence of COVID-19 and trade war, the world’s ... Read more

30 Sep 2020


Cloud solutions service…key driver of B2B digital market amid COVID-19 crisis, growing 19% in 2020 (Current Issue No.3145)

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many businesses to rely more on the use of digital technology in their operations, leading to dramatic changes across the operational landscape of business-to-business (B2B) digital market, from solely focusing on elevating efficiency and creating new business chan... Read more

29 Sep 2020


Retail Business, 4Q20: Contracting Only 7.2%, Thanks to Government’s 3,000-Baht Cash Handouts (Current Issue No.3144)

KResearch views that the government’s 3,000-Baht cash handout program (50 percent of all spending is subsidized by the state, but not exceeding THB3,000), effective October – December, 2020, for 10 million people has conditions that differ from other previous stimulus measures such as the “Chim-Sho... Read more

17 Sep 2020


Cross-Border Data Flows: Helping Thailand Attract Investment during the Digital Era, but Efforts Must Be Accelerated to Find Partners (Current Issue No.3136)

Presently, cross-border data flows are imperative for business growth and global trade in the digital economy era. Business organizations now view that they have to rely on cross-border data flows in order to better understand market conditions and customers, as well as for international trade and s... Read more

5 Aug 2020


Food delivery businesses set to expand due to intensifying competition post-COVID-19; while big operators set sight on shaping their platforms into ‘Super Applications’ (Current Issue No.3128))

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting stringent countermeasures issued by the Thai government have resulted in temporary closures and limited business operations. Restaurant business, in particular, was for a time left with two options: takeaway and food delivery via mobile application, which has now ... Read more

22 Jun 2020


Virtual Reality Entertainment on 5G: Meeting “New Normal” Lifestyle and Offering Opportunities for Thai Telecom Business (Current Issue No.3120)

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced more consumers to adopt new habits, such as watching shows and sports competitions via online mobile channels. However, if major telecom companies can apply their virtual reality (VR) technologies to the fifth generation (5G) ... Read more

26 May 2020


E-commerce market value to stall at 8-10 percent growth as ‘New Normal’ ushers in a more competitive environment (Current Issue No.3112)

KResearch views that, while the ‘New Normal’ has helped to stimulate growth for online retail stores, retailers still face ever more fierce competition, especially foreign E-Market place operators, which are expected to be the most affected group and subjected to heightened competition. Since the on... Read more

30 Apr 2020


2020 Retail Business to Shrink 5-8% … Entrepreneurs Face More Challenges Post COVID-19 (Current Issue No.3102)

KResearch views that the government’s plans to gradually ease lockdown measures, including allowing small retail stores to reopen on May 3, 2020 and large retail stores on June 1, 2020 represent positive signs and offer an opportunity for retail businesses to generate earnings again via their premis... Read more

16 Apr 2020


Effects of COVID-19 pandemic on businesses with on-demand services… Net worth for 2020 expected to reach THB 142 billion (Current Issue No.3099)

Continuous technological development and the increasingly prominent role of smart phones in consumers’ daily lives have impelled businesses across the service industry to elevate their services to meet consumers’ demands in a prompt, anytime-anywhere manner, through multiple platforms whether they a... Read more

30 Mar 2020


Retail and Restaurant Businesses: Focus on Online Channel Needed amid COVID-19 Outbreak (Current Issue No.3093)

Retail and restaurant businesses will continue to face challenges ahead as steady increases in the number of COVID-19 infections in Thailand have prompted the government to introduce a number of measures, including a temporary closure of certain venues and declaration of a state of emergency, to cur... Read more

9 Mar 2020


Restaurant Business, 2020: Turnover to Decline by THB26.5-36.5 billion due to COVID-19 Fears (Current Issue No.3090)

The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has had a broad impact on many industries. One of the major casualties is the restaurant business because the slowdown in the number of international tourist arrivals to Thailand has adversely affected food and beverage spending, which accounts for roughly 15 perc... Read more

5 Mar 2020


COVID-19 and Sagging Purchasing Power Threaten Thai Retail Market…2020 Turnover Projected to Contract 0.8-2.2% (Current Issue No.3089

We at KResearch view that turnover in the Thai retail market may report a sharp contraction during 1H20 due to a number of factors. These include risk stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak, which is expected to persist during 1H20, and continuing weakness seen in domestic purchasing power resulting fr... Read more