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Industry Outlook Analysis

9 Apr 2020


Hybrid Biomass Community Power Plants Meet Business Goals and Bolster Farm Income (Current Issue No.3096)

Community power plant project is considered one of the important strategic policies to not only build sustainability in energy consumption across communities, but also generate extra income for local residents via sales of agricultural-based materials as fuel. Biomass community power plants may help... Read more

26 Feb 2020


Biofuel Faces Challenges from Car Owners….New Stimuli Needed to Bolster Demand (Current Issue No.3088)

Demand for biofuel blended with diesel and gasoline fuels has increased steadily in recent years, supported by pricing mechanism and the increase in the number of biofuel-powered vehicles. Although prices of biofuel blends are attractive, thanks to state subsidies, such blends with lower proportion ... Read more