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8 Feb 2019

Financial Markets

The Baht weakened while the SET index closed near last week’s level


​         The SET index closed at 1,651.68 points, which was near last week's level of 1651.40. The average daily trading value was THB40,519.40 million, that being 20.45% lower. The mai closed at 385.38 points, increasing 0.90% over-week.

          The SET index moved within a tight range before surging around midweek, supported by institutional investor and foreign investor purchases. However, the SET index fell later on, along with foreign stock markets, amid concerns toward global economic slowdown and uncertainty of US-China trade talks, as President Trump said he has no plan to meet with President Xi before a March 1 deadline. In addition, the market also faced foreign investor and individual investor sell-offs at the end of the week.     


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