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8 May 2020

Financial Markets

The Baht rose while the SET recovered somewhat at the end of the week


  • The SET closed below 1,300 points again, ending at 1,266.02 points, down 2.74% over-week. The average daily trading value was THB50,574.92 million, down 15.15% over-week. The mai closed at 253.86 points, down 0.91% over-week.
  • ​The SET began to drop at the beginning of the week amid concerns over economic recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the US-China tensions as President Donald Trump threatened to impose tariffs on China's goods over the global spread of COVID-19, which originated in China. However, the SET recovered somewhat at the end of the week, as the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand continued to show signs of easing, boosting hopes that phase two of reopening plan will start around mid-May


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Financial Markets