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24 Jun 2010


World Cup 2010: Opportunities for Food and Farm Products in South Africa (Business Brief No.2859)

The 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament, which is being held in South Africa, is offering a great opportunity for Thailand to export more food and farm products to that country. The tournament is allowing us to promote our products with local consumers, international visitors and football fans during the tournament, thus paving the way for future export expansion into Africa and other nations. International visitors to the 2010 World Cup are predominantly from economically powerful nations, such as the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, South Korea and Japan, which are important targets for the promotion of Thai products. In addition, Thai brands can potentially benefit from media coverage there, e.g., live TV broadcasts and special news features on the 2010 World Cup.

South Africa's imports of Thai food and farm products during 4M10 rose to USD166.22 million, up 15.4 percent YoY. Thai food and farm products that are expected to thrive in South Africa, by order of their growth rates, would include cut flowers and foliage (+388.0%), fresh, chilled, frozen and dried fruit (+250.5%), edible oil (+243.5%), primary processed seafood (+107.13%), coffee, tea and herbs (+80.6%), plant-based products (+56.8%), cereal flour (+28.9%), rice (+27.7%), rubber and rubber products (+22.1%), leather products (+21.2%) and vegetable and fruit based-products (+19.6%).