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22 Mar 2016


Cloud-Based Big Data Analysis Service to Grow 19 Percent in 2016(Current Issue No. 2718 Full Ed.)

“Big data” analyses help support the competitiveness of businesses in many ways. In marketing, they help to achieve quicker response to targeted clients. In quality control, they allow staff to inspect and quickly rectify operational errors during production. In investment risk management, fund managers can adjust their portfolios immediately by analyzing data affecting stock price movements, e.g., inputs from social media.
Businesses may invest in big data analysis systems themselves, or use cloud-based big data analysis services. However, the latter is the most cost effective option since businesses can save substantial amounts in IT expense. In addition, we at KResearch expect that telecom, retail trade and e-commerce companies, as well as financial institutions, will be the first group to use cloud-based big data analyses due to steepened competition and the fact that they already have significant data storage facilities.
KResearch also projects that the turnover in big data analysis resources (businesses investing in their own data analysis systems) will reach perhaps THB1.0-1.1 billion in 2016, increasing 9.5-11.9 percent YoY, thus beating the 8.9 percent growth reported for 2015. Over the next five years, this figure may average perhaps 9.6 percent growth p.a. to reach THB1.6 billion by 2021.

Turnover in cloud-based big data analysis services may reach THB118.7-124.3 million in 2016, growing 19.8-25.4 percent YoY. Although this turnover is quite small, we expect that it will expand 33.5-43.1 percent p.a. to THB629.6-967.2 million by 2021, representing a 6.6-fold increase over 2015, because intense competition will force businesses to use consumer data more extensively, e.g., from social media, for marketing purposes.

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