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22 Apr 2016


Thai Processed Food Exports Remain Competitive, Thanks to Tax Privileges (Current Issue No. 2727)

The Thai food processing industry is one of our more competitive export industries. In 2015, the value of our processed food exports totaled USD17.3 billion, making Thailand the world's tenth largest processed food exporting country.
Although Thai canned/processed food shipments have lost some competitiveness to Vietnam, other key food exports, including processed chicken, canned/processed sweet corn and canned pineapples, remain strong because of tariff privileges granted via various free trade agreements. However, that competitiveness may be threatened if rivals are also granted similar tariff privileges in the future.

As a result, Thai processed food exporters should adjust by reducing production costs if their products do not differ significantly from rivals or adding value to their products to avoid pricing competition. Moreover, they are advised to capture new consumer segments.