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28 Sep 2021


Kratom Plant: Challenges Lie in Uncertainty of Its Initial Demand (Current Issue No.3272)


            ​Recently, Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa was removed from Thailand's narcotics list. We at KResearch are of the view that successful commercialization of related Kratom products during an initial phase will not be smooth sailing, and will rest primarily with demand amid limited supply. Therefore, manufacturers of related Kratom products may have to undertake market testing to gain feedback from consumers, and this may take a while. However, those who own Kratom trees will benefit from selling fresh Kratom leaves at relatively higher prices of roughly THB250-350/kg. Given this, it is expected that their overall farm income will reach approximately THB9,000-12,000/rai/month. Such figures are only preliminary, and current estimates cannot be used as future references because farm income will significantly depend on the response from the midstream and downstream industries that use Kratom as a raw material.

            KResearch views that farmers or investors, who are interested in Kratom farming, should be careful in their planning because of the uncertainty in its initial demand. This means they may have to assess related risks and other conditions, particularly initial investment, working capital while waiting for the harvest, payback period and price risks.