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26 Oct 2021


Thai Exports, September 2021: Surged 17.1% as COVID-19 Situations in Many Countries Began to Improve (Current Issue No.3955)


  • In September 2021, Thai exports soared 17.1 percent, against the 8.9 percent reported for August 2021, supported by several factors. These include improving COVID-19 situations and economic conditions in many countries, thanks to their higher inoculation rates, plus the depreciating Baht. Additionally, solid growth was seen in Thailand's outward trade to key trade partners, particular CLMV nations. Thai exports to CLMV resumed growth of 8.2 percent, versus a zero percent growth reported for August 2021. However, shipments to Vietnam were inhibited by the severe COVID-19 pandemic there. Exports to other major trade partners such as the US, Europe and Japan continued to perform well.   
  • Looking into the remainder of 2021, the export sector will continue to be a key economic driver although growth may slow down somewhat due to the high base of last year and the easing of pent-up demand. Nevertheless, it is expected that the overall 2021 shipments will grow higher than our prior estimate of 12.4 percent.