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5 Sep 2022

Financial Markets

The Baht and the SET rose over-week


        The Thai stock surged over-week despite foreign investors’ sell-offs. The SET moved within a tight range earlier in the week in line with other stock markets before rising during the rest of the week. During the week, the SET was boosted mainly by energy stocks as OPEC+ members agreed to a production cut next month and technology stocks, especially those belonging to a major electronics producer on the SET’s plans to revise the turnover ratio criteria of stocks to be included in SET50 and SET100.     
        On Friday, September 9, 2022, the SET closed at 1,654.62 points, up 2.00% over-week. The average daily trading value was THB67,413.58 million, down 11.39% over-week. The mai closed at 666.98 points, up 5.18% over-week.

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Financial Markets