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17 Jul 2020

Financial Markets

The Baht weakened while the SET surged at the end of the week on foreign investors’ purchase



            The SET fluctuated throughout the week, ending at 1,359.58 points, up 0.67% over-week. The average daily trading value was THB55,044.27 million, down 22.75% over-week. The mai closed at 302.33 points, down 0.14% over-week.

             The SET dropped early in the week amid concerns over the risk of a second wave of COVID-19 in Thailand, before surging around midweek on hopes of a COVID-19 medicine and vaccine. However, the SET dropped later on fears of US-China tensions, but it surged again at the end of the week before the release of 2Q20 earning results of listed companies and on hopes of more stimulus packages from many countries to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.​

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Financial Markets