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26 Jul 2022

Financial Institutions

Outlook for Sustainable Finance (Current Issue No.3336)


        Sustainable finance has seen rapid growth worldwide. In 2021, sustainability debt instruments were valued at USD 929,700 million, or 10x growth over the past five years, while sustainability loans amounted to USD 716,561 million, or 7x growth from 2018. Meanwhile, Thailand’s total outstanding value of sustainability debt instruments in the second quarter of 2022 was THB 330,049 million – these were mainly sustainability government bonds, followed by green bonds for energy projects. KResearch projects that there will be issuances of sustainability debt instruments worth THB 76,000 million in 2022, or 12.1-percent growth from 2021, in alignment with economic expansion. However, in the next two to three years, the tighter monetary policies of central banks worldwide, including Thailand, will result in slowing expansion of debt instruments. Meanwhile, in the long term, renewable energy policies and the support of financial regulatory agencies will be major factors which will drive the increasing popularity of sustainability debt instruments.

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Financial Institutions