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7 Sep 2021

Financial Institutions

Thai Investors’ views on Cryptocurrency Investment Trends (Current Issue No.3264)


Many new investors worldwide were rushing into the cryptocurrency market recently as it offered higher returns than other assets. Retail investors in Thailand were no exception as more of them have flocked to the cryptocurrency market to capture wide gains, though their numbers remain limited. Such investors are primarily urban income earners with high savings. According to a focus group survey conducted by KResearch recently, more than 69.4 percent of the respondents knew cryptocurrency while up to 52.0 percent were interested in cryptocurrency investment, 24.3 percent were investing in cryptocurrency, and 42.0 percent of the respondents intended to invest in cryptocurrency next year, reinforcing the fact that many new investors will likely enter the Thai cryptocurrency over the near future.      

            When the respondents who knew cryptocurrency were asked about their investment objectives, 26.6 percent of them anticipated that cryptocurrency would allow them to engage in short-term speculation. This suggests that the majority of such respondents views cryptocurrency as an alternative asset for speculative purposes. They may also realize investment risks stemming from the volatility in cryptocurrency value. 

Last but not least, the poll shows that Thai cryptocurrency investors tend to focus on speculation. Nevertheless, most of them understand the related risks relatively well, while some may not because they only anticipate and are confident to receive steady higher returns from related investments. This issue presents a major challenge for investors and the relevant authorities in promoting an understanding of the cryptocurrency market to develop other financial innovations in the future. ​

Financial Institutions