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10 Aug 2018

Financial Markets

“The Baht weakened late in the week, while the SET index closed a bit lower than the last week level.”

​          The SET index closed a bit lower than the last week level, ending at 1,705.96 points, down 0.36% over-week. The average daily trading value was THB51,786.83 million, that being 5.40% lower. The mai closed at 437.42 points, decreasing 1.61% over-week.

            ​The SET index decreased early in the week amid energy and petrochemical share sell-offs. Then, it rebounded during the week due to energy shares, supported by global oil price increases, as well as banking and communication shares. However, the index reduced the early positive range at the end of the week following foreign stock markets and global oil prices decreases. Commerce firms' performances were also below market expectations.

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Financial Markets