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6 Aug 2021


Potential Crops that should be Promoted for the Processing of Plant-Based Alternative Protein Products to Ensure Sustainable Crop Supplies (Current Issue No.3253)


KResearch is of the view that Thailand has numerous crops that can be processed into plant-based protein foods of the future, namely green beans, sunflower sprouts, black sesame seeds, organic “Hom Mali" rice and straw mushrooms, based on the required analysis results. These include: 1) Such crops must have the amount of protein at 13-23 percent per serving; 2) They have potential in terms of production, price, short harvest period and variety; and 3) They are being supported by the government, with the aim of promoting their sustainable supplies, generating more income for Thai farmers, and creating plant-based alternative protein products of the future. In addition, they will help reduce Thailand's dependency on soybean imports. It is projected that the value of Thailand's soybean imports for the processing of plant-based protein products will reach roughly THB300-500 million during 2021.      

            We at KResearch are of the view that it may not be easy to select just anyone of those crops for the processing of plant-based protein products of the future. Aside from weighing between the quality and price of crops, related food processors may have to assess other factors as such crops have specific advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, they must fulfill other requirements in each crop supply chain.  ​