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Industry Outlook Analysis

17 May 2023


The Royal Ploughing Day marks the start of the rainy season and in-season rice cultivation, but El Nino during 2H23 may dent 2023 in-season rice output by 4.1-6.0% (Current Issue No.3410)

The Royal Ploughing Day marks the start of the rainy season and in-season rice cultivation, but El Niño during 2H23 may dent 2023 in-season rice output by 4.1-6.0%... Read more

11 Apr 2023


Hydrogen technology… Expected increase in demand for renewable energy to drive green hydrogen production (Current Issue No.3402)

Hydrogen technology… Expected increase in demand for renewable energy to drive green hydrogen production... Read more

10 Apr 2023


PM2.5 crisis could get much worse if it is not quickly dealt with (Current Issue No.3401)

PM2.5 crisis could get much worse if it is not quickly dealt with... Read more

7 Apr 2023


Supply chain restructuring … Increasing costs while pressuring margins among electronics businesses (Current Issue No.3399)

Supply chain restructuring … Increasing costs while pressuring margins among electronics businesses... Read more

31 Mar 2023


Number of food delivery orders is set to decline, with an 8.0% YoY contraction seen in 1H23 (Current Issue No.3395)

We at KResearch expect the number of food delivery orders in 2Q23 may shrink slightly from that reported in the previous quarter despite several supporting factors. ... Read more

27 Mar 2023


Non-alcoholic beverage market, 2023: Growing in line with marketing and advertising drives (Current Issue No.3394)

Non-alcoholic beverage market, 2023: Growing in line with marketing and advertising drives... Read more

20 Mar 2023


Thai rice and cassava prices projected to increase during 2023 in line with stronger demand driven by China’s reopening (Current Issue No.3391)

Thai rice and cassava prices projected to increase during 2023 in line with stronger demand driven by China’s reopening... Read more

16 Mar 2023


Cyber threats may cause consumers to purchase goods via B2C e-commerce with extra caution (Current Issue No.3389)

Cyber threats may cause consumers to purchase goods via B2C e-commerce with extra caution... Read more

13 Mar 2023


Thailand's shrimp export growth expected to be in a range of -3.5 to 0.5 percent in 2023 amid a slowdown in major markets, despite demand from China (Current Issue No.3386)

Thailand's shrimp export growth expected to be in a range of -3.5 to 0.5 percent in 2023 amid a slowdown in major markets, despite demand from China... Read more

13 Mar 2023

Real Estate and Construction

Home sales, 2023: Remaining static or shrinking amid economic uncertainties, interest hikes and hefty household debts (Current Issue No.3387)

Home sales, 2023: Remaining static or shrinking amid economic uncertainties, interest hikes and hefty household debts... Read more

1 Mar 2023


Domestic BEV sales set to reach 50,000 units in 2023 (Current Issue No.3384)

Domestic BEV sales set to reach 50,000 units in 2023... Read more

24 Jan 2023


Thai exports grew 5.5% in 2022 while 2023 shipments projected to shrink at 0.5% despite China’s reopening (Business Brief No.3989)

Economic slowdown in Thailand’s trade partners during 2H22 and the high 2021 base caused Thailand’s outward trade in December 2022 to contract sharply for the third consecutive month at 14.6 percent YoY, equivalent to USD21,718.8 million. As a result, Thailand’s overall 2022 export growth stood at o... Read more

11 Jan 2023


Chinese tourists projected to reach 4.65 million, driving rise in foreign tourist arrivals to 25.5 million in 2023 (Current Issue No.3380)

The Chinese authorities’ relaxation of quarantine rules for inbound travellers, cancellation of limited number of passengers on international flights from January 8, 2023, and resumption of the application and renewal of passports for Chinese residents, would benefit Thailand's tourism industry. As ... Read more

30 Dec 2022


Sales of PHEVs and BEVs in Thailand projected to reach 300,000 units by 2025 Despite increased demand for electric charging, there are investment risks in public charging points (Current Issue No.3379)

Thailand is transitioning towards a green vehicle society. KResearch is of the view that domestic sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) may reach 300,000 units by 2025, suggesting that the demand for electric charging in the country will substantially... Read more

28 Dec 2022


Retail business in 2023 … Growth continues amid numerous challenges (Current Issue No.3377)

KResearch views that retail sales in 2023 will see continual growth in line with economic conditions and consumer purchasing power. However, multiple challenges may persist. In 2023, the retail market is expected to expand by 2.8-3.6 percent YoY, thanks to the return of foreign tourists, rising prod... Read more

27 Dec 2022


Over 1 million Chinese tourists set to visit Thailand in 2023 (Business Brief No.3984)

After the Chinese government began easing domestic lockdown measures in November 2023, it recently announced the relaxation of inbound travel restrictions, effective January 8, 2023, which is sooner than expected by observers. Therefore, it is most likely that Beijing will allow Chinese nationals to... Read more

21 Dec 2022


Thai and foreign tourists set to spend around THB30 billion in Thailand for December 30, 2022 - January 2, 2023 (Current Issue No.3374)

It is expected that Thailand’s tourism will be busy once again after a two-year hiatus as more Thais intend to travel in the country while foreign travelers are planning to visit Thailand during the upcoming New Year 2023 festive season. As a result, cash flows in travel-related businesses here may ... Read more

19 Dec 2022


Thai sugar exports projected to grow only 1-5% in 2023 due to numerous challenges (Current Issue No.3372)

Sugar is one of the products that will likely help boost Thai food and beverage exports during 2022 and through to 2023, thanks to the elevated global sugar prices and recovery in domestic sugar output. Additionally, its demand remains intact as COVID-19 in many countries has begun to ease and due t... Read more

16 Dec 2022


Food delivery business in 2023 may decline: Maintenance of sales turnover is a challenge (Current Issue No.3371)

Thailand’s food delivery market is expected to see a slowdown due to increased economic activity and lifestyle changes that are seeing many more consumers return to dine-in and takeaway options. KResearch projects that market value of food delivery business going forward will be static or drop when ... Read more

9 Dec 2022


2023 international arrivals projected to reach 20.0-24.0 million amid several challenges that lie ahead (Current Issue No.3370)

2023 international arrivals projected to reach 20.0-24.0 million amid several challenges that lie ahead ... Read more

7 Dec 2022


First anniversary of China-Lao PDR railway offers another export channel via Thailand’s borders to promising areas in China (Current Issue No.3369)

First anniversary of China-Lao PDR railway offers another export channel via Thailand’s borders to promising areas in China ... Read more

2 Dec 2022


Net farm income in 2023 may face multiple challenges…amid the risks of global economic slowdown and high production costs (Current Issue No.3368)

Overall net farm income in Thailand in 2023 is likely to face numerous challenges that are varied based on agricultural product type. This is because the global economic outlook is beset with risks that could trigger a drop in demand for farm products – especially uncertain demand from China – and a... Read more

18 Nov 2022


Trend of eco-friendly plastics pressures Thailand’s plastic resin industry…Operators accelerate their adjustments but still face multiple challenges (Current Issue No.3363)

Amid the global green trends, many countries have imposed environmental measures and have increasingly started to use eco-friendly plastics (recycled plastics / bioplastics) to replace fossil-based plastics. Such actions have affected Thailand’s plastic resin industry, which still relies mainly on s... Read more

16 Nov 2022


B2C e-commerce in 2022-2023…Growth decelerates due to limited purchasing power (Current Issue No. 3361)

KResearch views that market value of B2C e-commerce in 2022-2023 will grow at a slower pace after reaching double-digit growth during COVID-19. In 2023, the market is expected to expand at around 4-6 percent – the lowest when compared to its average growth of 26 percent per year over the past three ... Read more

15 Nov 2022


Active domestic tourism at year-end; full-year 2022 domestic tourism projected to reach 150.8 million trips (Current Issue No.3359)

Active domestic tourism at year-end; full-year 2022 domestic tourism projected to reach 150.8 million trips (Current Issue No.3359)... Read more

3 Nov 2022


Global coffee prices to remain high for another three years due mainly to a decline in Brazilian supply…leading Thailand’s coffee imports to grow substantially in 2022 (Current Issue No.23356)

Coffee prices in the global market have been rising since the end of 2021. Brazil and Vietnam – major coffee suppliers – have faced severe climate change causing damage to their production. High global coffee prices are expected to persist until a new round of Brazil’s coffee output enters the marke... Read more

2 Nov 2022

Real Estate and Construction

Uneven recovery seen in 2022 housing market, while a few supporting factors may inhibit growth in 2023 (Current Issue No.3355)

In 2022, housing market indicators have exhibited improving signs, but unevenly. Amid increased confidence towards the recovery in the economy and tourism after the COVID-19 pandemic has eased, residential developers have begun to resume investment in more new projects. However, new home purchases h... Read more

25 Oct 2022


Turnover of restaurant business to grow in 2022-2023 amid the challenges of operating costs and profitability maintenance (Current Issue No.3352)

The restaurant industry is expected to revive going forward, driven by Thailand’s economic activity that has gradually returned to normal, along with recovery in the tourism sector. The number of Thai and foreign tourists which is on the rise, especially amid an expected surge in international touri... Read more

19 Oct 2022


Hotel and lodging business, 2022: Recovering gradually, but at a meager pace (Current Issue No.3351)

Hotel and lodging business, 2022: Recovering gradually, but at a meager pace ... Read more

29 Sep 2022


Inundation during August-October 2022 may incur loss to Thailand’s major rice crop at roughly THB2.9-3.1 billion, so close attention must be paid to the severity of the flood situation, which remains highly uncertain (Current Issue No.3348)

It is expected that ongoing flooding across Thailand will hurt crop outputs during the rainy season, particularly rice as major rice outputs have gradually begun to enter the market, especially in the northeastern and northern regions, which are home to ‘Hom Mali’ rice cultivation and are being hit ... Read more

14 Sep 2022


Convenience stores, 2022-2023: Recovering after COVID-19 … Maintaining steady sales growth amid intense competition needed (Current Issue No.3344)

The convenience store is another retail segment that has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past 1-2 years. In 2022, we at KResearch, however, expect that turnover in the convenience store business will resume growth of roughly 13-15 percent YoY, thanks to the low base of 2021.... Read more

30 Aug 2022


Exporters urged to pay close attention to the US Clean Competition Act and carbon taxes (Current Issue No.3341)

วุฒิสภาของสหรัฐได้เสนอร่างกฎหมาย Clean Competition Act ซึ่งประกอบด้วยมาตรการกำหนดการกลไกราคาคาร์บอน (Carbon Pricing) สำหรับสินค้าที่ผลิตในประเทศ และมาตรการปรับราคาคาร์บอนก่อนข้ามพรมแดน (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: US-CBAM) สำหรับสินค้านำเข้า โดยกลุ่มอุตสาหกรรมเป้าหมาย ได้แก่ ผลิตและกลั่นปิโต... Read more

29 Aug 2022


Labour-intensive industries: Profits projected to decline by 5-15 percent due to minimum wage hike (Current Issue No.3340)

KResearch views that an increase in the average daily minimum wage by 5 percent starting October 1, 2022 will affect industrial costs in the last quarter of this year and into next year. This may lead to an average cost increase of around 0.5 percent and a decrease in operating profit by an average ... Read more

26 Aug 2022


Net income of rubber growers projected to reach roughly THB107.81 billion in 2022, down 4.9% YoY, pressured by higher costs of cultivation (Current Issue No.3339)

The overall income of Thai rubber growers may remain favorable at around THB261-271 billion in 2022, an increase of 2.8-6.6 percent YoY, supported primarily by prices. The average price of rubber sheet grade 3 may stand at approximately THB54-56/kg, driven by demand from the auto-tire and medical gl... Read more

27 Jul 2022


Results of behavioral survey and consumers’ views on problems related to environmental sustainability and their tendency towards ESG investment (Current Issue No.3337)

Results of behavioral survey and consumers’ views on problems related to environmental sustainability and their tendency towards ESG investment (Current Issue No.3337)... Read more

22 Jul 2022


Nursing home business, 2022: Turnover to reach only THB12.7 billion (Current Issue No.3335)

Although consumer purchasing power is being pressured by the high cost of living and uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, the nursing home business may continue to perform relatively well during 2022 as it is one of the healthcare services that are necessary for many seniors/patients. Additionally, t... Read more

22 Jul 2022


BEV market attractive to potential players with readiness in the short term, though challenges remain in the long term due to ongoing industry developments (Current Issue No.3334)

Presently, competition in the domestic car market, particularly the BEV market, has changed significantly. Thailand has undertaken greater efforts of investment to retain its domestic automotive industry by providing extensive support from this year through to 2025. ... Read more

21 Jul 2022


Last-mile delivery business, 2022: Growing slower than in 2021 due to numerous challenges (Current Issue No.3332)

Last-mile delivery business, 2022: Growing slower than in 2021 due to numerous challenges... Read more

1 Jul 2022


Cancellation of pandemic-related restrictions on inbound tourists effective July 1, 2022 – a main driver for Thai tourism in 2H22 (Current Issue No.3329)

On July 1, 2022, the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) fully reopens the country for international tourist arrivals by cancelling Thailand Pass registration and health insurance requirements for foreigners – this action is a major supportive factor for Thai tourism, which has long ... Read more

29 Jun 2022


Thailand is at risk of a tighter rice supply in 2022 amid lower rice production caused by soaring chemical fertilizer costs (Current Issue No.3328)

In 2022, Thailand may be at risk of a tighter rice supply, caused primarily by chemical fertilizer prices that have hit multiple record highs amid the Russia-Ukraine conflict. In contrast, there has been pent-up demand seen for rice, as evidenced by higher rice exports, which have in turn pressured... Read more

22 Jun 2022


Food delivery business set to face more challenges from sagging demand and high energy costs after COVID-19 has eased (Current Issue No.3326)

Food delivery business set to face more challenges from sagging demand and high energy costs after COVID-19 has eased (Current Issue No.3326)... Read more

19 May 2022


Price of chemical fertilizer (urea) is set to stay at elevated levels of USD 950-1,000/ton because of tight supply, but the impact on each economic crop may vary (Current Issue No.3325)

Prices of chemical fertilizers in the country have hit successive record highs in line with their raw material costs and tight global supplies due to the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. ... Read more

29 Apr 2022


Full reopening scheduled for May 1, 2022, an important step for Thailand’s international tourism (Current Issue No.3323)

Thailand is one of many countries that have significantly eased entry requirements on international arrivals, considering the country’s current COVID-19 situation. According to the Asia travel-readiness index compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Thailand was one of the highest-scoring ... Read more

27 Apr 2022


Things exporters should know about the EU CBAM (Current Issue No.3322)

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is one of the key elements of the ‘Fit for 55’ package under the European Green Deal, which sets out a clear path towards realizing the EU’s target of a 55 percent reduction in carbon emissions compared to 1990 levels by 2030 and to become a net-zero co... Read more

7 Apr 2022


Solar rooftops in business sector set to grow over 54% in 2022, supported by rising electricity costs (Current Issue No.3320)

Amid rising electricity costs, driven by elevated fossil fuel prices as a result of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, bright prospects are being seen in solar rooftop investment in the business sector as entrepreneurs have to save on electricity costs while also responding to the clean energy trend even as... Read more

1 Apr 2022


Sales of Chinese BEVs set to exceed 10,000 units in 2022 amid gloomy domestic car market (Current Issue No.3319)

New supportive measures introduced by the government have substantially helped bolster the Thai BEV market. Intense competition has quickly been seen in the BEV market as Chinese carmakers capitalized on the timing, when mainstream carmakers were unprepared, to seize their share of the BEV market vi... Read more

28 Mar 2022


Russia-Ukraine Crisis to Push Production Costs in Thai Industrial Sector Higher by at least THB80 Billion (Current Issue No.3315)

The Thai industrial sector, which is heavily dependent on raw material imports, is set to experience higher production costs as global raw material prices are projected to stay at elevated levels during most of the remainder of 2022 if the Russia-Ukraine war is prolonged and sanctions against Russ... Read more

24 Mar 2022


Impact of Key Trade Partners’ Climate Change Measures on Thai Exports (Current Issue No.3314)

China, the US and European Union (EU), which are Thailand’s key trade partners, have announced their net-zero commitments while also implementing various environmental measures to achieve these targets, as follows:... Read more

21 Mar 2022


Service indicators show signs of a slowdown in early 2022, posing a challenge to food delivery businesses (Current Issue No.3313)

Food delivery operators will tend to benefit from consumer behaviors during this period of high COVID-19 infections, wherein many businesses are still using a hybrid work model. At the same time, platform operators and restaurants continue to launch marketing campaigns and offer promotions to boost ... Read more

17 Mar 2022


Domestic F&B Spending, 2022: Growing 1.9-2.7% in line with Their Price Increases (Current Issue No.3312)

KResearch expects that food and beverage (F&B) spending in the country during 2022 will reach THB2.57-2.59 trillion, an increase of 1.9-2.7 percent, against the 2.5 percent growth reported for 2021. The increase will be supported by a 3.1 percent rise in their prices in line with elevated processing... Read more

15 Mar 2022


Russia-Ukraine conflict drives up global wheat prices, and in turn food costs in Thailand (Current Issue No.3310)

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which are the world’s leading wheat exporting nations, has driven up global wheat prices to a record high that we have never seen in recent years. ... Read more

1 Mar 2022


B2C e-commerce (for products only) set to expand 13.5 percent in 2022, taking market share from on-premise purchases, especially of food and personal care products (Current Issue No.3309)

KResearch views that inflation, rising living costs, uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, and impacts from the potentially prolonged unrest in Ukraine will continue to affect the economy and consumers’ purchasing power. B2C e-commerce (for products only) may grow by around 13.5 percent or approximately... Read more

28 Feb 2022


B2C Cold-Chain Logistics Business, 2022: Growing 15-20% amid Increased Costs and Competition (Current Issue No.3308)

We at, KResearch, expect that turnover in the cold-chain logistics business that penetrates the B2C segment will reach approximately THB2.9-3.0 billion in 2022, an increase of 15-20 percent (YoY), down from the 40-45 percent (YoY) growth projected for 2021. The decline is due partly to the high base... Read more

23 Feb 2022


Prices of Thai Oil Palm May Fall to THB4.5-6.5/Kg in 2Q22 in line with Seasonal Factors and Biodiesel Formula Adjustments (Current Issue No.3306)

KResearch is of the view that prices of Thai oil palm will stay at an elevated level of THB7.5-9.5/kg during 1Q22 in line with high global crude palm oil and energy prices. Meanwhile, an adjustment to the mixture of biodiesel to B5,... Read more

31 Jan 2022


Pharmaceutical Industry, 2022: Growing 3-5% Despite Improved COVID-19 Situation (Current Issue No.3304)

KResearch is of the view that despite improving signs seen in the COVID-19 situation, which may cause demand for related medicines to decline from the preceding year, existing local patients and some segments of international patients, who have common diseases, are expected to gradually resume medic... Read more

13 Jan 2022


Agricultural machinery 2022 to maintain growth with expected market value of THB 84.6-87.9 billion, bolstered by ample demand (Current Issue No.3301)

KResearch views that Thailand’s agricultural machinery market will continue to see expansion, with market value of THB 84.6-87.9 billion, or growth of 1.6-5.6 percent (YoY), mainly supported by ample demand. However, this growth may occur at a slower pace, due to easing pent-up demand and slower dem... Read more

5 Jan 2022


Restaurant business 2022: Growth expected at 5.0 – 9.9 percent, Omicron variant and cost of ingredients remain major challenges (Current Issue No.3299)

Restaurant business 2022: Growth expected at 5.0 – 9.9 percent, Omicron variant and cost of ingredients remain major challenges... Read more

30 Dec 2021

Real Estate and Construction

Housing market in 2022 will be rife with challenges; despite increased supporting factors, market fundamentals remain highly fragile (Current Issue No.3296)

The year 2022 will remain another challenging year for the housing market. However, the market will be supported by measures for reduction of property ownership transfer and mortgage registration fees to 0.01 percent for residential units with price of up to THB 3 million – which will be extended to... Read more

30 Dec 2021


Thailand’s BEV measures may boost sales to 25,000 units in 2025, though lack of electric vehicle charging points still presents major obstacle to greater adoption (Current Issue No.3297)

The government will soon announce measures to boost domestic demand for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), with the aim of maintaining their prices at a level closer to those of petrol-driven cars. KResearch views that car manufacturers who would benefit from the initiatives may be limited to those e... Read more

23 Dec 2021


Metaverse: Applications in the manufacturing industry to increase supply chain efficiency (Current Issue No.3294)

In recent times, the concept of the ‘metaverse’ has been attracting more attention worldwide. Operators planning to utilize the metaverse in their businesses are primarily focused on seeking new forms of business opportunities in the consumer market, whether it is a new retail sales channel that cre... Read more

13 Dec 2021


Rice Prices, 2022: Rising to THB8,900-9,400/Ton Amid Challenges...Government Policy is Still Crucial to Maintain Rice Prices (Current Issue No.3290)

KResearch is of the view that Thai rice prices will likely increase slightly during 2022 after having bottomed out in 2021. The marginal rise is due to the low base of 2021. Rice prices are projected to increase to a range of THB8,900-9,400/ton in 2022, representing a contraction of 1.6 percent to a... Read more

8 Dec 2021


Food Delivery, 2022: Growing Steadily as Application Service Providers Penetrate Upcountry to Expand New Customer Base (Current Issue No.3289)

The COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown restrictions on the restaurant business, work-from-home policies, the fact that consumers have become more familiar with food delivery applications, and the government’s co-payment program will likely cause turnover in the food delivery business (a new base, which inc... Read more

30 Nov 2021


Thai Pet Food Exports Projected to Grow 20% in 2022, but Accelerated Branding to Tap Premium Segment Needed (Current Issue No.3287)

KResearch is of the view that Thai pet food exports will continue to enjoy bright prospects ahead. For 2022, we expect that the value of Thai pet food shipments will reach roughly USD2.4 billion, an increase of 20 percent, which would be a slight decline from the 23 percent growth projected for 2021... Read more

18 Nov 2021


Thai motorcycle market remains stagnant with projected growth of merely 1% in 2021... electric motorcycles see expansion with entry of new operators though they may face difficulties (Current Issue No.3286)

This year, Thailand’s motorcycle market has been seriously affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, diminishing consumers’ purchasing power. As the principal buyers, grassroots customers have been particularly affected. For the entirety of 2021, KResearch projects that total motorcycle sales may be aroun... Read more

8 Nov 2021


Domestic Travel Set to Recover in 2022 if There is No Severe Resurgence of COVID-19 (Current Issue No.3284)

Thais have been found to begin taking more domestic trips after the government relaxed lockdown restrictions, lifted a ban on inter-provincial travel, bolstered the vaccination rate, and introduced measures, aimed at stimulating domestic travel. A survey on domestic travel demand shows that more tha... Read more

3 Nov 2021


Full-Service Restaurant Business Set to Resume Growth of 26.5% in 2022, Thanks to Relaxation of Lockdown Measures (Current Issue No.3283

During 4Q21, the full-service restaurant business is being supported by two factors as part of the government’s relaxation of various lockdown restrictions. They are the lifting of curfew in pilot tourist destinations under its reopening plan, and permission for restaurants to serve alcoholic bevera... Read more

29 Oct 2021


2021 floods affect in-season rice...crop damage estimated at approximately THB6.3-8.4 billion (Current Issue No.3281)

KResearch has preliminarily assessed that the damage to the rice crop from flooding in September and October 2021 may amount to around THB 6.3-8.4 billion. Due to the effects of recent storms, many provinces in the northeastern, northern and central regions of Thailand are experiencing ongoing flood... Read more

26 Oct 2021


Thai Exports, September 2021: Surged 17.1% as COVID-19 Situations in Many Countries Began to Improve (Current Issue No.3955)

In September 2021, Thai exports soared 17.1 percent, against the 8.9 percent reported for August 2021, supported by several factors. These include improving COVID-19 situations and economic conditions in many countries, thanks to their higher inoculation rates, plus the depreciating Baht. Additional... Read more

15 Oct 2021


Retail sales in 4Q21 signals post-lockdown recovery amid cautious spending (Current Issue No.3278)

KResearch views that the COVID-19 situation and vaccine accessibility have improved to the point that the government has eased many lockdown measures, allowing more economic activities to resume operations in the final quarter of 2021. Since many businesses are expected to launch campaigns to boost ... Read more

15 Oct 2021


Nov 1 Reopening Set to Revive Thai Tourism with Substantial Growth Seen in 2022 (Current Issue No.3279)

It is now certain that Thailand will reopen to international tourists with no quarantine requirements from November 1, 2021. Under the plan, fully vaccinated foreign visitors will need to show that they are COVID-free at their time of travel with a test undertaken before they leave their home countr... Read more

8 Oct 2021


Private hospitals 2021 likely to see revenue recover from low base though cost management and intense competition continue to affect business (Current Issue No.3277)

KResearch projects that the revenue of private hospitals in 2021 will grow 11.8 percent YoY, as opposed to 2020 which saw a contraction of 12.5 percent. Such recovery can partly be attributed to the low base of the previous year while revenue remains below pre-COVID-19 levels. Most of private hospit... Read more

7 Oct 2021


Covid-19 Temporarily Bolsters Thai Preowned Car Prices ... Eyeing Online Used Car Platform Startups (Current Issue No.3276)

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has affected new car production and sales, it has created two new developments in the second-hand car markets, both at home and abroad: 1) rising prices of used cars, and 2) the use of online channels for buying and selling preowned vehicles. However, prices of used ca... Read more

6 Oct 2021


Thailand’s smart factory solutions market… set to grow over 10 percent in 2021, amid gradual economic recovery (Current Issue No.3275)

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, smart factory solutions (SFS) service has tended to grow at an accelerated pace, as opposed to the gradual growth seen during the pre-pandemic period. This has been boosted by demand from large companies forced to make adjustments to lessen their dependence on manua... Read more

28 Sep 2021


Kratom Plant: Challenges Lie in Uncertainty of Its Initial Demand (Current Issue No.3272)

Recently, Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa was removed from Thailand’s narcotics list. We at KResearch are of the view that successful commercialization of related Kratom products during an initial phase will not be smooth sailing, and will rest primarily with demand amid limited supply. ... Read more

27 Sep 2021


COVID-19 Pandemic Dented Thailand’s August Export Growth to 8.93%, but 2021 Shipments Set to Grow at 12.4% (Business Brief No.3952)

In August 2021, the COVID-19 situation in many Asian countries became much worse due to the highly contagious Delta variant. As a result, their economic activity and manufacturing sectors were adversely affected, thus pressuring their export performances. Thailand’s exports were not spared by that i... Read more

14 Sep 2021


B2C e-commerce (for products only) set to surge over 30% in 2021; online merchants face challenges from diminished purchasing power and tougher competition (Current Issue No.3268)

KResearch projects that the 2021 B2C e-commerce (for products only) will likely expand 30 percent YoY, with an estimated value of THB 300 billion. Its growth is mainly attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic which has altered consumer behaviors including the number of buyers and product diversity. At th... Read more

13 Sep 2021


Mooncake Market, 2021: Turnover Set to Shrink 5.7% as Consumer Purchasing Power Remains Weak (Current Issue No.3267)

The Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on September 21, 2021, presents another challenging year for the mooncake business due to the protracted COVID-19 pandemic, which is much worse than the previous year. As a result, consumer purchasing power remains weak, and this may affect the decision to purcha... Read more

8 Sep 2021


Impact of E-Service Tax on Users of Foreign Digital Service Platforms (Current Issue No.3266)

As Thailand is transitioning towards a digital economy amid the increasing role of technologies in the business sector and our everyday life, including trading, entering into business agreements, and conducting financial transactions via digital platforms at home and abroad, plus the fact that such ... Read more

6 Sep 2021

Real Estate and Construction

Residential Property Market Projected to be Highly Fragile during the Remainder of 2021 (Current Issue No.3262)

Most residential property developers have postponed the opening of their new projects since the beginning of 2021 due to unfavorable market conditions and the high level of unsold residential units. They have also adjusted their business strategies in line with market conditions. According to the Ag... Read more

3 Sep 2021


Meat expenditure in 2021 to rise 2.0% due to higher price and cost (Current Issue No.3261)

KResearch assesses that meat prices will remain high over the remainder of 2021, stemming from cost of disease prevention and control in humans and animals, increased cost of animal feeds, import charges that tend to remain high, and the Baht’s volatility. Given the prolonged COVID-19 outbreak and t... Read more

1 Sep 2021


Home Health Services: Option during COVID-19…2021 Turnover Projected to Reach at Least THB2.2 Billion (Current Issue No.3260)

ศูนย์วิจัยกสิกรไทย ประเมินว่า ศูนย์วิจัยกสิกรไทย ประเมินว่า ในปี 2564 มูลค่าการใช้จ่ายสำหรับบริการทางการแพทย์ที่บ้านของไทย จะอยู่ที่ 2,200 – 2,300 ล้านบาท เติบโตได้เล็กน้อยที่ 2.4% (YoY) แม้ว่าตลาดจะเติบโตได้จากการเพิ่มขึ้นของผู้ให้บริการ ประเภทการบริการที่หลากหลายขึ้น รวมทั้งสถานการณ์โควิด-19 ที่ทำ... Read more

25 Aug 2021


Thai mangosteen exports to grow 14.6-18.8 percent in 2021...despite short-term supply disruption (Current Issue No.3259)

KResearch projects that, despite short-term supply disruption stemming from the COVID-19 outbreaks, Thai mangosteen exports could be valued at an estimated USD 540-560 million, or growth of 14.6-18.8 percent YoY, mainly from export prices. While Indonesia may have taken a greater share of the Chines... Read more

23 Aug 2021


Increased Investment Risk Seen in Thai Tire Industry after US Imposed AD Duties, but 2021 Tire Exports to the US Projected to Grow over 2.6% (Current Issue No.3258)

Following more than a year of an anti-dumping investigation into tires imported from Thailand, the US has finally ruled that passenger vehicle and light truck tires imported from Thailand are subject to anti-dumping (AD) duties. As a result, prices of such Thai tires in the US have risen, although t... Read more

23 Aug 2021


Export growth reaches 11-year high in July 2021… Full-year growth projected at 12.4 percent (Business Brief No.3947)

In July 2021, Thai exports maintained strong growth at 20.27 percent YoY, the highest level in 11 years and higher than the market forecast of 19.7 percent YoY. Export growth during the first seven months of 2021 was equal to 16.2 percent, ... Read more

19 Aug 2021


COVID-19 and outbreak control measures spur growth of food delivery market at 18.4 – 24.4 percent in 2021 (Current Issue No.3256)

Amid heightened COVID-19 control measures, food delivery service has become the primary income channel for restaurants. Marketing via online food delivery platforms, including promotional discounts and delivery fee waivers for restaurateurs, has also helped to attract new customers and increase orde... Read more

18 Aug 2021


New Wave of COVID-19 to Deal Severe Blow to Global Tourism, including Thailand’s, during the Remainder of 2021 (Current Issue No.3255)

International tourism is experiencing a new wave of challenges again as many countries have been hard hit by the highly contagious Delta coronavirus (COVID-19) variant, with a rising number of infections. As a result, many countries have tightened border controls and issued an advisory warning again... Read more

9 Aug 2021


Turnover of Alternative Proteins Derived from Food Innovations Set to Reach THB4.5 Billion in 2021 amid Numerous Challenges (Current Issue No.3254)

Alternative proteins, which are among food techs, have emerged as one of the top consumer trends and thrived over the past few years. KResearch is of the view that the alternative protein market in Thailand is set to grow in the future as such products are now available through numerous channels whi... Read more

6 Aug 2021


Potential Crops that should be Promoted for the Processing of Plant-Based Alternative Protein Products to Ensure Sustainable Crop Supplies (Current Issue No.3253)

KResearch is of the view that Thailand has numerous crops that can be processed into plant-based protein foods of the future, namely green beans, sunflower sprouts, black sesame seeds, organic “Hom Mali” rice and straw mushrooms, based on the required analysis results. These include: 1) Such crops m... Read more

6 Aug 2021


Elderly assistive devices market to reach THB 8 billion in 2021… consistent with Thailand’s trend towards an aged society (Current Issue No.3252)

KResearch projects that the value of medical equipment and assistive devices for the elderly in Thailand will amount to a range of THB8-9 billion in 2021, and register an compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8 percent over the next five years as Thailand is approaching an aged society status. The... Read more

5 Aug 2021


Thai Polylactic Acid Exports Set to Grow at least 38% in 2021, but May Pressured by Tighter Supply in 2022 (Current Issue No.3251)

Amid the current global green trends, Thailand’s polylactic acid (PLA) exports have gradually increased at a faster rate than growth in global PLA demand over the years. The rise is primarily attributable to the fact that Thai PLA producers have been able to bolster their annual manufacturing capaci... Read more

29 Jul 2021


Thai auto market could see sales drop to 720,000 due to prolonged COVID-19 outbreak, while exports may offer little support to production (Current Issue No.3249)

With the most recent wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delta variant has established itself as a major global threat, having spurred a surge in the number of cases across many countries, including Thailand. It may also impact economies worldwide over the long term if the outbreak is not successfull... Read more

27 Jul 2021


Private hospitals reliant on medical tourism to encounter difficulty in 2021-2022 amid ongoing COVID-19 outbreak (Current Issue No.3248)

Private hospitals are one of the businesses that have been severely affected by the COVID-19 outbreaks, especially private hospitals that are normally reliant on revenue from foreign patients through medical tourism. Like regular international travelers, medical tourists are presently unable to trav... Read more

23 Jul 2021


Global demand boosts exports across Asia in 1H21, with Thai exports boasting strong growth of 15.53 percent YoY; yet recovery remains below that of regional rivals (Business Brief No.3940)

In June 2021, Thai exports hit its highest level in 11 years with robust growth of 43.82 percent YoY, above market expectations of 38.1-percent growth. While Thai exports in 1H21 grew 15.53 percent YoY, the level was not high in comparison to the export growth of regional rivals, which generally gre... Read more