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12 Jul 2019

Thai Economy

KR-ECI Fell in June Thai Households Tighten Spending …Challenge for New Government


            The KR-ECI and 3-month Expected KR-ECI slipped to 43.1 and 44.9 in June because Thai households were more concerned about economic conditions and their cost of living now and in the future, in particular domestic prices of goods, expenses (excluding debt), income and employment.   

            KResearch views that economic conditions and the cost of living during the final five months of 2019 (August-December) will be increasingly pressured by the slowing economy. As a result, households and the business sector will be forced to make more adjustments in their expenses and investments, thus representing a challenge for the new government. Close attention, therefore, must be paid to details of economic stimulus measures after the new Cabinet has been installed. It is expected that such measures will help ease the high cost of living for Thai households somewhat. 


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