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16 Mar 2020

Thai Economy

KR-ECI fell to its lowest, hitting a new low in February 2020 after COVID-19 outbreak intensified worldwide

      • The COVID-19 outbreak that intensified worldwide through February 2020 represents an important risk factor which is putting pressure on KR-ECI and 3-month Expected KR-ECI, falling to its lowest level in 73 months. The households surveyed expressed increasing anxieties in all aspects related to the cost of living now and over the next three months particularly over income and employment as well as rising costs of personal healthcare.
      • KResearch views that economic conditions and the cost of living of Thai households during for the 2Q20 (April - June) will experience mounting risks from both the COVID-19 outbreak and drought which have been affecting income and employment stability. At any rate, government measures which have been issued to cope with the economic impact during stage 1 of the COVID-19 outbreak should be able to partially support the living conditions of Thai households.​

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Thai Economy