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11 Jan 2019

Thai Economy

KR-ECI Increased for 3 Straight Months in December 2018 Thai Households Enjoyed more Income amid Ebbing Cost of Living


       The KR-ECI conducted nationwide rose to 46.0 percent in December 2018 because some Thai households got extra income while the cost of living was declining in line with raw food prices and energy costs.  

       The 3-month Expected KR-ECI also increased to 47.6 in December because households spent less following the year-end festive season.  

       KResearch views that there will be many factors affecting the cost of living of Thai households during 1Q19, including possible declines in agricultural supplies due to the effects of El Niño, hikes in public bus fare and electricity charge, plus clearer political outlook that may reinvigorate domestic spending. 


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Thai Economy