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9 พฤศจิกายน 2561


“เงินบาทอ่อนค่าลงอีกครั้ง ขณะที่ ดัชนีตลาดหุ้นไทยร่วงลงตามปัจจัยต่างประเทศ”


​​The Baht was weaker than THB33.00/USD again. The Baht was volatile early in the week ahead of the US mid-term elections. However, the Baht rebounded later on as the US dollar fell after the midterm elections results. Democrats won the U.S. House of Representatives while Republicans held on to their Senate majority. However, the dollar rebounded late in the week on the back of the FOMC meeting results. The Fed held its benchmark rate unchanged, but signaled to continue the tightening cycle in the near future, meaning there is a likelihood of another rate hike in December.