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8 Sep 2008


Pet Food: Growing Steadily Amid Numerous Supporting Factors (Business Brief No.2279)

The pet food industry is a promising agro-business despite sluggish economies worldwide. Among the many favorable factors are an increasing number of pets owned, the changing behavior of pet owners who are increasingly showing greater attention to the nutrients contained in pet food, and consider their pets family members. These will contribute to healthy growth in processed pet food and other pet-related goods and services.

The domestic market for pet food and other pet-related products and services is quite worth watching thanks to its prodigious growth. Thailand is currently among the top three countries in the Asia Pacific region (including China and India) with the highest growth in this product category. For exports, Thailand ranks as the world's fifth largest exporter of pet food and is famous for exports of fish-based dog and cat foods. Bright prospects seem to lie ahead for our exports of pet food, especially to fast-growing markets in the Asia Pacific region and in Latin America.

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