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16 Jan 2009


Advertising Industry, 2009: Expected to Contract 5 Percent (Business Brief No.2405)

The advertising industry in 2009 shall likely contract steadily. KASIKORN RESEARCH CENTER (KResearch) projects that it is likely to have around 5 percent lower turnover this year, achieving an aggregate value of THB84,555 million, in tandem with the continuing decline in the economy since 2008. It is highly likely that many companies, particularly subsidiaries of large conglomerates, will tighten their advertising budgets and choose only the most cost-effective channels to optimize impact.

Taking advertising spending on each media channel into perspective, KResearch expects that spending on television will garner the highest proportion of all advertising expenditures in 2009, which would be similar to last year and will continue to be so in the future. In 2009, outdoor media should be the most worrying medium as it seems to be shrinking seriously due to changing consumer behavior, i.e., the tendency to spend more time at home. Moreover, major clients of outdoor media such as real estate companies and carmakers are trimming their advertising expenditures, as well. One channel that is expected to gain steady popularity is digital media, particularly websites, webboards and forward emails, which consumers seem to accept as more trustworthy than other media.

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