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24 Apr 2009


Plastic Tableware, 2009: Domestic Sales Stable, Exports Turning Positive(Business Brief No.2478)

The Thai plastic tableware industry was first developed as an import substitution industry to serve growing demand within domestic households. Due to the strength of our petrochemical and plastic molding/casting industries, and the growing number of joint ventures between Thai and foreign investors, many new technologies emerged, helping in the production of quality plastic tableware products.
This industry has expanded rapidly and is making export inroads. In 2009, KASIKORN RESEARCH CENTER (KResearch) views that although plastic can replace other tableware materials such as fragile china pottery or glass. The domestic sales of household products in 2009 will likely remain unchanged from 2008, because of falling household consumption and spending due to intense competition from low-cost Chinese imports. Thai entrepreneurs should introduce new products with innovative designs and conduct sales promotional campaigns continuously to help spur demand.

The export value of this product category in 2009 will likely grow continuously over 2008, with 15-20 percent growth to THB5.3-5.5 billion turnover expected. Because plastic can replace other types of tableware and kitchenware at relatively low prices, they suit the present economic environment wherein consumers are tightening their budgets worldwide. Our tableware products will undoubtedly meet increasing acceptance, given our product quality and safety that is superior to Chinese competitors.

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