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19 Sep 2014


Plastic Medical Syringes Promising – THB5 Billion Turnover (Current Issue No. 2541 Full Ed.)

Medical devices are indispensable to the medical industry, wherein plastics are widely used for many devices or components therein, e.g., eyeglass lenses, syringes, catheters, x-ray film, blood and saline water bags, pharmaceutical packaging and plastic tubes.
We at KResearch are of the view that domestic demand for plastic medical devices and equipment will be bullish, growing over 15.5 percent p.a. on average. However, Thailand is dependent on such imports, accounting for over 62.9 percent of our total domestic demand. Thus, ample opportunities are present for such domestic producers, especially those expanding output or innovating their products to replace imports and accommodate growing future demand.
KResearch expects that turnover in the Thai plastic market for medical devices and equipment will reach at least THB22.1 billion in 2014, up 11.1 percent over the THB19.9 billion reported for 2013.

However, Thailand largely imports plastic medical devices that are designated as “single-use” items, e.g., syringes, catheters, suture threads, gauze bandages and x-ray film. An analysis has shown that the most promising products that could be produced domestically for import replacements are plastic syringes and catheters, because they are widely used at hospitals and clinics as well as sold in general drugstores. Amid growing demand for plastic syringes and catheters, we at KResearch expect that their turnover will reach perhaps THB5.29 billion in 2014, up 10.9 percent over the 4.77 billion recorded in 2013.

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