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29 May 2017


Smart Air Conditioners…Technology Towards the Future 2007 Export Growth to Exceed 20% or USD2 Billion (Current Issue No. 2846 Full Ed.)

 Because Thailand is a production base for leading air conditioner brands, in particular Japanese having a reputation for good quality and cutting-edge technology, we are able to manufacturer and export a substantial number of smart air conditioners, especially those equipped with inverter technology for temperature controls, plus other sensors that can track people movements so as to direct the air flow to them.

As assessment by KResearch shows in 2016 Thailand's smart air conditioner exports accounted for 57.7 percent of the total air conditioner shipments. The export growth of our smart air conditioners averaged 22.1 percent p.a. for 2013-2016, doubling that of our key rival, China. Currently, China's smart air conditioner shipments account for about 40 percent of their total air conditioner exports because China focuses on marketing air conditioners equipped with standard technologies and the fact that many Chinese air conditioner brands are relatively new to global markets. This makes it difficult for China to contend in the global smart air conditioner market, particularly in developed countries, despite the fact that their technologies and manufacturing capacities are on par with other brands like those of Japanese. Meanwhile, Thailand has manufacturing capability and competitive potential to export smart air conditioners going forward.

KResearch is of the view that the value of Thai smart air conditioner exports will eclipse that of China in 4-5 years. In 2017, such exports may reach perhaps USD2.17-2.19 billion, increasing 23.9-25.1 percent YoY, accounting for 62 percent of the total air conditioner exports. KResearch expect that our smart air conditioners will be able maintain the export growth of over 20 percent in the next three years (2018-2020) and their global competitiveness will be sustained because Thailand has many factors that can attract leading manufacturers to invest in smart air conditioners here, particularly our strong supply chains that are able to facilitate production and exports going forward.

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