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2 Oct 2017


Thai-US Relations & Tourism US Tourists Likely Reach 1 Million for First Time in 2017 (Current Issue No. 2872)


The Thai Premier’s visit to the US, October 2-4, 2017, on an invitation by President Donald Trump, is expected to forge stronger bilateral relations in terms of national security, trade and investment. Apart from these sectors, tourism is another interesting issue since the US has long been one of our important tourism markets, being among the 10 most numerous foreign tourist arrivals entering Thailand.

According to the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the number of US holidaymakers in Thailand during 8M17 (January-August 2017) had risen 9.2 percent YoY to a total of 688,000 persons. These arrivals spent THB50,953.57 million here, increasing 12.7 percent over 8M16.

Now through to the 2017 yearend should be another high season for US travelers. Given satisfactory growth in US tourist arrivals and a promising outlook for tourism here overall, KResearch estimates 12.3-percent growth in US arrivals, compared to 13.5-percent pace in 2016, to reach 1.05 million visitors from the US. Tourism receipts from US citizens may amount to THB78.5 billion, rising 17.0 percent YoY versus growth of 20.8 percent in 2016.