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10 Nov 2017


75.4% of Bangkok Residents Intend to Travel at Home in 4Q17 (Current Issue No. 2879 Full Ed.)


 A poll conducted by KResearch on the behavior of the Bangkok populace toward domestic travel during 4Q17 shows that 75.4 percent of the respondents intend to take holidays in the country and that the rest do not have specific domestic travel plans.

Of those planning domestic getaways, 33.5 percent have set their sights on northern tourism attractions, while 17.8 percent intend to travel to the eastern region, and 15.9 percent to the northeast. Their top five most favored holiday destinations are Chiang Mai – which remains the most popular city for the Bangkok residents – plus Chon Buri, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chiang Rai and Phuket.

According to the survey results, Facebook is the most influential media toward travel decisions, followed by Instagram. The poll also shows that 77 percent of the respondents will likely post their holiday photos on social media, while 23 percent do not plan to do so.

During 4Q17, Bangkok city dwellers plan an average of 1.5 domestic trips with 2 overnight stays per trip. Each trip would likely include around four fellow travelers. Their spending on domestic travel would average around THB6,450/person/trip. This figure would average higher for those planning to travel by air or rented vehicles.

Because the poll shows that more Bangkok city dwellers are planning to take vacations in the country during 4Q17 due to favorable tourism and weather conditions here, we at KResearch believe that they will likely contribute THB46.5 billion to domestic tourism, rising 6.9 percent YoY. Although domestic tourism is exhibiting a bright outlook, competition is increasing from new travel businesses at all domestic tourism destinations. Businesses are therefore advised to adjust accordingly by perhaps using newer technologies to market themselves.

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