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15 May 2019


Asia Markets to Boost 2019 Export Growth of Thai Big Bikes to 10% Export Value of Small Big Bikes to Overtake Large Big Bikes in 3 Years (Current Issue No.2993)


           The domestic and export markets of Thai motorcycles have become saturated. However, the outlook for domestic sales and exports of big bikes remains promising. This has steadily attracted the world's major big bike makers to invest in Thailand, making us one of the leading big bike manufacturing and exporting nations.  

            We at KResearch project that Thai big bike exports will grow perhaps 10 percent in 2019 because export growth to Asia markets is set to increase over 20 percent. Demand for big bikes in Asia has risen gradually in line with its bourgeoning economy. Over the next three years, we expect that small big bikes with engine replacements of 251-500 cc. will be a key export category of Thailand as compared to other models because they are more affordable amid growing number of buyers.

            Increased investments by big bike makers in Thailand will also help bolster demand for motorcycle parts in the current supply chains and investments in some key motorcycle parts, in particular engine parts. As a result, Thailand may be able to manufacture all motorcycle engine parts in the near future. ​