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25 Jul 2008

International Economy

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: Long-term Windfall for Tourism Industry in China (Business Brief No.2235)

The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games should help accentuate China's ascendancy, economically and socially in the eyes of world community as it is expected to help spur investment opportunities in numerous business sectors, receiving a windfall from an impressive growth in the Chinese tourism for this important event. The Olympic Games will not only help stimulate the economy of Beijing, but also cash flow within the tourism-related businesses, including restaurants, hotels and retail in other co-host cities, such as Hong Kong, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, Qinhuangdao and Shenyang. In addition, the Olympic Games will help provide opportunities for international entrepreneurs, who see China as a viable investment destination for tourism in the future, especially in numerous exposition projects, such as the ;World Expo Shanghai 2010” scheduled in the two years' time.

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International Economy