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5 Mar 2024

Thai Economy

Thailand’s cross-border and transit trade with China – its No.1 export market – to reach roughly THB 250 billion in 2024, expanding 17% YoY (Current Issue No.3463)


  • In 2023, China has become Thailand's leading cross-border and transit trade partner, surpassing Malaysia. Thai exports to China have shifted from sea to land transport thanks to more convenient land routes. Key products included fresh fruits, rubber, computers, wood, and electronics.
  • KResearch holds the view that the Chinese market will be even more important to Thailand’s cross-border trade including transit trade in 2024, maintaining its number one position, with estimated export value of THB 250 billion, up 17 percent YoY. Logistics via the China-Laos high-speed railway will play a greater role in cross-border and transit trade.

Thai Economy