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22 Mar 2024

Thai Economy

Clean air law…hope for reducing PM2.5 (Current Issue No.3474)


Clean air law…hope for reducing PM2.5 

    • According to research findings, the average life expectancy in Thailand has decreased by 1.78 years due to the persistently high levels of PM2.5, ranking 29th in the world. The top three countries that have seen the decline in life expectancy at the fastest rate are Bangladesh, India, and Nepal, by 6.76 years, 5.26 years, and 4.58 years, respectively. 
    • Both the US and UK have experienced PM2.5 issues in the past, i.e., toxic smog in Donora, Pennsylvania in 1948 and the Great Smog in London during 1952, resulting in  significant economic impacts and fatalities. These events led to the enactment of the Air Pollution Control Act in 1955 in the US and the Clean Air Act in 1956 in the UK, which have been effective in addressing and preventing such pollution problems.
    • For Thailand, a draft Clean Air Act is being considered. If enacted, it is expected to help reduce PM2.5 in the country. Existing laws and measures have not been effective in addressing related issues.

Thai Economy