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10 Aug 2020

Thai Economy

KR-ECI Declined in July 2020 as Households Were More Concerned about Debt Despite Second Phase of Assistance Measures for Borrowers


-     The KR-ECI stood at 35.3 in July 2020, declining from 36.0 recorded in June 2020 because households were more concerned about debt, expenses and domestic prices of goods and services. Although the Bank of Thailand's (BOT) has introduced the second phase of assistance measures for borrowers, debt servicing ability of most households is still inhibited by issues related to income and employment.

-     The 3-month Expected KR-ECI fell to 36.8 in July 2020 from 37.4 reported for June 2020 as households were more anxious about all aspects associated with the cost of living over the next three months (August-October 2020), in particular prices of goods and services, raw foods and energy that rose in July 2020.

-      KResearch views that the economic and living conditions of Thai households during the remainder of 2020 will remain weak while the recovery in domestic purchasing power will be limited, partly because of domestic unemployment amid the global economic recession.  ​


Thai Economy