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3 Nov 2023

Thai Economy

KR-ECI in October 2023 improved for the second consecutive month, driven by ongoing government measures


        In October 2023, KR-ECI and 3-month Expected KR-ECI rose to 38.5 and 41.0, respectively, marking an improvement for the second consecutive month. However, the figures remained below pre-pandemic levels. The recent government initiatives, particularly measures aimed at easing the cost of living, are presently helping to alleviate household concerns about product prices and expenses (excluding debt). Going forward, households view that expenses will remain stable, possibly because there is not much clarity thus far regarding the government’s stimulus measures.

        KResearch conducted an additional survey on anticipated household spending in the last quarter of this year. The results show that most respondents indicate their biggest expenses will be for socializing and travel (32.2 percent), given the high season and long holidays in December. The second-largest group of respondents expects most of their spending to be for daily necessities such as food and utilities.

        For the remainder of 2023, KResearch anticipates that KR-ECI is likely to further improve, amid government measures that will remain in effect until at least the end of the year, domestic economic recovery driven by the tourism sector, and a potential uptick in exports. However, any improvement may still face challenges such as geopolitical tensions, commodity price volatility, and clarity of the stimulus measures, which need to be monitored.

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Thai Economy