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9 May 2024

Thai Economy

The KR-ECI fell to its lowest level in eight months in April 2024 as households were more concerned about rising product prices and increased expenses during the Songkran festival


  • The KR-ECI declined for the first time in eight months to 36.6 in April 2024 as households were increasingly worried about rising product prices due to the increases in energy and agricultural prices. The 3-month Expected KR-ECI also fell for the second consecutive month to 38.6 because households were concerned about debt and product prices in the future.
  • Additionally, households were worried about higher expenses and debt during a long holiday for the Songkran festival in April 2024. A survey shows that the majority of households (79.9 percent) incurred increased expenses from the previous month due to the rising product prices and special expenses in April 2024, including those for travel and entertainment.
  • In 2024, KResearch views that the KR-ECI may recover at a slower rate amid the sluggish growth seen in the Thai economy. Moreover, it will likely be pressured by potential increases in product prices.

Thai Economy