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24 May 2019

Financial Markets

The Baht rebounded later in the week, while the SET fluctuated on US-China trade tensions.


​           The SET index fluctuated throughout the week but closed a bit higher than that reported for last week, ending at 1,614.12 points, up 0.37% over-week. The average daily trading value was THB50,882.44 million, up 0.87% over-week. The mai closed at 339.36 points, which was almost on a par with last week's level.

           The SET index rose early to midweek as US temporarily suspended sanctions against China's giant technology company, and was also supported by foreign investor purchases. Later, the SET dropped amid concerns over the prolonged and escalating US-China trade war after the news reported that the US was considering adding more Chinese companies to the blacklist, which would prohibit US companies from doing business with Chinese firms. However, Thai stock market rebounded somewhat at the end of the week, supported by the progress in domestic political situation.

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