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30 Nov 2018

Financial Markets

“The Baht strengthened while the SET index rose along with foreign stock markets as Fed might slow the pace of its interest rate hikes next year.”


​        The SET index rose over-week, ending at 1,641.80 points, up 1.21% over-week. The average daily trading value was THB37,250 million, that being 0.39% higher. The mai closed at 400.82 points, increasing 0.41% over-week.

        ​The SET index rose along with other foreign stock markets. It was supported by many factors, including domestic political issues, institutional investor purchases and the expectation that the Fed might slow down the pace of its interest rate hikes after Fed Chairman declared that the US interest rates are closing to a neutral level. In addition, the SET index was also supported by Thailand's economic and monetary conditions for October released at the end of the week. However, the market is still waiting for the results of US-China trade negotiation which is expected to begin soon.

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