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18 Nov 2022

Econ Digest

APEC CEO Summit 2022…A forum to showcase the private sector vison for the APEC economic zone


        The APEC CEO Summit 2022 is a forum for the private sector of APEC members to express their vision. The conference topics focus on the opening up opportunities in trade, investment, food and energy security, technology usage in business operations, public health and gender equality. The private sector will jointly propose guidelines for designing policies to drive the economy toward the goal of sustainable and inclusive growth.

        KResearch views that with the challenges of the Thai economy facing growth constraints and the demographic issues of Thailand becoming an aging society, issues that should be expedited for development are: 1) Inclusive growth, i.e. supporting growth in all sectors of the economy to evenly distribute income and reduce income inequality until achieving sustainable economic growth; and 2) Gender equality, i.e. equalizing opportunities for women in the labor market to help significantly offset future labor shortages and address population imbalances in the long run, to help increase productivity of the country that is becoming a complete aged society.

        In addition, an eye should be kept on the government’s role in the APEC CEO Summit 2022 with regard to economy, trade, investment, sustainable growth through the BCG economic model, food and energy security, and public health. While the issued draft leaders’ statement still requires working with other member countries to advance various agendas to achieve the goals, it is a good opportunity for Thailand, as the host of the conference, to use this forum in expressing its vision in topics that are the world’s agenda, including issues related to trade direction, investment in connection to geopolitical issues, as well as global climate change issues that will affect food and energy security going forward.

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Econ Digest