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29 Sep 2022


Inundation during August-October 2022 may incur loss to Thailand’s major rice crop at roughly THB2.9-3.1 billion, so close attention must be paid to the severity of the flood situation, which remains highly uncertain (Current Issue No.3348)


        It is expected that ongoing flooding across Thailand will hurt crop outputs during the rainy season, particularly rice as major rice outputs have gradually begun to enter the market, especially in the northeastern and northern regions, which are home to ‘Hom Mali’ rice cultivation and are being hit by tropical storms. KResearch expects that flooding damage to the country’s major rice crop may reach approximately THB2.9-3.1 billion, helping drive up rice prices during this period.    
        Looking into October 2022, Thailand may continue to experience tropical storms, causing the level of rainfall to remain high. As the rainy season has not ended yet and the country is expected to face additional tropical storms, close attention must be paid to their impact on major rice crops given that October is the beginning of the rice harvest season. If the impact is broad-based, flooding damage to Thailand’s major rice crop in 2022 may exceed the above projection range.

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