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6 Oct 2021


Thailand’s smart factory solutions market… set to grow over 10 percent in 2021, amid gradual economic recovery (Current Issue No.3275)


​Amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, smart factory solutions (SFS) service has tended to grow at an accelerated pace, as opposed to the gradual growth seen during the pre-pandemic period. This has been boosted by demand from large companies forced to make adjustments to lessen their dependence on manual labor, and the proactive investment of Chinese businesses in Thailand's automotive and electrical appliance industries. Another contributing factor is last year's partnership between a major SFS operator and a Thai telecommunications company which has led to a shift in demand, creating an environment that is conducive to one-stop SFS service in Thailand.    

             Prompted by the prolonged COVID-19 outbreak, business operators in the Thai manufacturing sector have started to transition to smart factories, and have not limited themselves to merely robots and automated conveyor systems in enhancing their productivity and reducing labor costs. Such investment focuses on an integrated production line management system that functions through various technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). The SFS service would not only help to maintain continuous production and mitigate the risk stemming from reliance on workers amid the COVID-19 crisis, but also lead to a more flexible production line which can produce a wide variety of products. Therefore, operators will gain a competitive advantage and be able to devise plans to substitute production at other factories during times of crisis.