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17 Mar 2005


Bangkok-Popular Tourist Destination: Generating Bt175 Billion for the Country


Bangkok was ranked top among the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand in 2004. Visitor arrivals to Bangkok totaled 11.7 million, generating tourism-related income of Bt155.391 billion. Kasikorn Research Center (KRC) forecasts that tourist arrivals in Bangkok will rise at least 10 percent to 12.87 million in 2005, which will generate earnings of around Bt175 billion for the tourism industry.

By and large, Bangkok is a tourist attraction with high potential, with facilities and services provided for tourists that are of an international standard. To attract a greater number of foreign travelers to visit Bangkok and stay longer here as well as luring them to spend more will help boost tourism-related income for the country. To this end, income lost from the Tsunami-hit key tourist destinations along the Andaman coast, including Phuket, Krabi and Phang-nga, could be compensated for.