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17 Nov 2010


15.5 Million Foreign Tourists Visiting Thailand in 2010: Likely Rising 5% in 2011 (Current Issue No. 2231)

The domestic political unrest in Thailand in recent years has affected foreign tourists' confidence toward safety of travelling in Thailand and apparently dampened increases in foreign tourists during 2008-2010.
After the political situation returned to normalcy due to cooperation by relevant parties, the tourist's confidence has resumed quite fast, as seen from the return of normal foreign tourist growth during 2H10. However, the massive flooding in many parts of Thailand has decelerated the growth slightly.
KResearch expects that the foreign tourist market throughout 2010 will grow around 10 percent, with 15.55 million foreign tourists visiting the country, which would generate tourism income of around THB536 billion. Barring further negative factors, foreign tourism in Thailand may expand further in 2011, although growth may be only 5 percent. It is expected that there may be around 16.33 million foreign tourists visiting Thailand next year, generating income of around THB555 billion.

However, tourism industry success will largely depend on cooperation between relevant parties to achieve political stability that may result in a return to contentment and help build solidarity within the country. In doing so, foreign tourists will have greater confidence toward travelling to Thailand which may help boost foreign tourist market growth and generate tourism income of around THB500 billion a year.