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13 Sep 2012


Lao PDR Transitioning from Land-Locked to Land-Linked Country: Enhanced Tourism Potentiality (Business Brief No.3349 Full Ed.)


Infrastructure development within Lao PDR, particularly land transport linking with other countries, i.e., Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China – per their economic development policies for increased income in collaboration with international organizations as well as many Asian governments – evolved this country from being land-locked to ‘land-linked' country. It would enable them to access sea and enhance their potential to become a transportation hub within the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (GMS), thus also benefiting tourism of neighboring countries, including Thailand.

With their potential for ecotourism, many natural resources, along with simple and peaceful lifestyles thanks to local efforts to conserve their art and traditions, KResearch views that these advantages will boost their 2012 tourism industry to 10 percent growth.

In addition, Lao PDR is our key tourist market, thanks to convenient travel links and a long relationship with Thailand, as well as our similar customs, traditions and languages. If no untoward events develop that would affect the tourism atmosphere, KResearch expects that the number of Laotian travelers visiting Thailand this year should reach 990,000, rising 10.6 percent, generating tourism income of THB20 billion, rising 16.4 percent YoY.

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