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12 Oct 2012


Phuket Tourism Thriving: ‘Kin Jae’ Festival to Generate THB5.6 Billion (Business Brief No.3363)

The ‘Kin Jae' festival, a Chinese tradition that has been passed down over centuries, has now gained great popularity with those other than Thais of the Chinese origin. This coupled with growing heath consciousness and spiritual trends, should help bolster Thai tourism during 4Q12. It is expected that vibrant ‘Kin Jae' festivals will be organized nationwide this year, especially in major cities, as well as in Phuket with their annual ;Phuket Vegetarian Festival” that attracts Thais and foreign tourists from China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.
It is expected that the much of their spending – perhaps 30 percent of the total, equivalent to some THB1.7 billion – will likely go toward accommodation at downtown or beachside hotels and resorts in Phuket. Other typical expenditures include souvenirs, food and beverages, entertainment, recreational activities, transport and sightseeing.

With the many positive factors supporting Phuket tourism, especially long-standing cooperation among relevant agencies there to promote this island resort as an important international tourist destination, along with improvements in air travel access to Phuket via more direct flights, plus low-cost air services from major cities across Asia, especially China, we at KResearch expect that the number of Thais and foreign tourists visiting Phuket during the 9-day ‘Phuket Vegetarian Festival' will increase 16 percent, reaching at least 270,000 visitors, generating some THB5.6 billion in tourism revenue.