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30 Jan 2013


Tourist Arrivals, 2013: Generating Over THB1 Trillion (Current Issue No. 2310)


In 2013, the number of international tourist arrivals into Thailand is expected to achieve growth of 10 percent YoY, with arrivals reaching 24.5 million, thus possibly generating income of approximately THB1.06 trillion, which would be an increase of 14.0 percent YoY. These brighter prospects may come as a result of collaboration between relevant public and private sector agencies toward arranging new marketing promotions abroad, added to the allure of the now thriving low-cost carrier operations to many of our destinations via expanded routes and flight frequencies, plus more direct charter flights.

The Chinese market is expected to have a pivotal role in Thailand's tourism business. KResearch forecasts that Chinese visitors may total 3.4 million in 2013, representing 14 percent of the total international tourist arrivals increasing 21.3 percent YoY, thus generating around THB123 billion in tourism revenue. Ongoing Chinese economic growth has encouraged more Chinese to travel abroad, with Thailand being a popular holiday destination.

Favorable domestic factors will be needed to draw international tourists, particularly measures to ensure travelers' personal and property security, plus domestic political stability and maintenance of the Baht at appropriate levels.

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